Looking for A mod that can Filter, dispense, Transport items...


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Jul 29, 2019
Sorry if I explain this poorly .. My brain is pure chaos and I tend to type in ideas ... not how others would.

I need A mod(s), that will interact with redstone signals. Items I need .. Transposer (suck in dropped items) , Filter, detector (that can out put A redstone signal ), dispenser (eject from storage) , retriever (pull from storage ) and pipes / tubes.

So I have been out of the loop for A bit, looking to play around with some new mods ... but their is so many and so much change. I want to work on some new hardcore redpower logic stuff. But I am not sure what too use for the mechanical part.

Will be using Project Red and Super Circuit Maker for the logic ....

In the past i was using Redpower 2 (in fact that is the main reason i quit.. cause elo went away)

basically i want to rebuild this .. but better with updated mods / understanding.
(one of my first logic builds)

Also if you have any mod suggestions that deal with Logic, screens , RGB blocks, Frames .. that would also be useful.

Thank you neko.


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Apr 17, 2017
As for Item transport there is ender I/O, but that isn't everything you said you need... RFTools has some nice redstone stuff, but it may not be what you're looking for. That's all I have, so don't be too judging :D


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Mar 3, 2014
Riga, Latvia
Well, some of this can be covered by a little-known mod 'Fine Stuff':
- Transposer - it has a Translocator, which can work like a directional hopper; although its main function is to transfer items over distance to other translocators;
- detector - what kind of detector? It has a block detector and an item detector (counter) which works with inventories;
- this mod has cables - energy cables (for energy transfer) and signal cables (for redstone signal transfer);
- Frames - has several blocks that can help in building moving structures;
Also it has one of my favorite items - Village Trader, which provides an easy way to trade with villagers remotely.