Looking for a home



hello everyone ....

so my in game name is MoonTower, im 30 i have a wife and 2 kids. Im an electrical Lineman, i work on the power lines. I love minecraft, ive been playing another mod pack for awhile but i wana get back into FTB Infinity. I miss ftb and wana get back to it im looking for a server thats not to heavy on pvp, im not against it but id rather be friendly and build some cool stuff. Looking for a good group of peiople to play with... i dont care what we do i just wana play some minecraft with some people so please message me if you have a server and need people .... you can pm me on here or my steam name is jcourtade my pic is me reaching out working on some wires. anyway hope to hear from someone soon.


I run a part time server due to the costs of the google server but your more than welcome to play. I have Made a custom modpak available for download on my Webpage, http://eodcraft.com and would love to have you on. BTW, I made this server for the grandkids, I'm 50, but fell in Love with Minecraft myself! I have all the really good Mods installed. Welcome!