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Load any modpack faster ???

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Dodge34, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Dodge34

    Dodge34 New Member

    Please, anyone knows how youtubers do to load their modpacks quickly, I can't even imagine DW20 spending 4-5 minutes just to load up his FTB pack to start to record his LP series, on my side I have a SSD drive and all my Minecraft modpacks are on it to speed up load times but I can't understand why it takes 5 minutes to load up a modpack. I can't even launch the new Infinity modpack, I tried it 5 times, and after 10 real life minutes it wasn't loaded, checked console and nothing seems to be bad there. What is the secret that no one wants to share to load up any modpacks faster, there must be something else than a faster PC, my friend got the latest beast and its the same 5 minutes for most modpacks and he too can't launch Infinity on a I7 with 32GB of RAM and a SSD. For information, we both have Java7 64 bits because I know it can cause problems to have Java8 which isn't supported by modpacks currently.
  2. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Ehm. Got an old PC but still loads the large modpacks in a couple minutes. I use a dedicated SSD to minecraft(and other games) and in general keep my PC free of crap that otherwise bog it down. Also make sure your SSD is installed on a SATA 3 bus(if the SSD and MB supports that).

    Don't buy preinstalled PCs or if you do then reformat it as soon as you get home to get rid of all the crap. Reinstall it once every couple years.

    You probably also want to install Java on the/a SSD(not sure if this makes a difference, but did it anyway). The 1.7 packs should work with Java 8 afaik (I think it is recommended that you use it). But you cant play <1.6 packs with it.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2015
  3. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Can't imagine why you figure a "professional" youtuber wouldn't wait 5 minutes for the client to start.

    Its analogous to a 5-minute drive to work :p
  4. loboca

    loboca New Member

    Might want to try disabling any anti-virus /malware programs. They might be trying to scan every file as it loads.
  5. Dodge34

    Dodge34 New Member

    Hum, I forgot to mention that, I'm a computer tech with 20 yrs of experience, so anything related to Windows, I'm more than aware of it, I built my PC in 2010 I know its not brand new and would need an update, but I can't afford it at this time, Only important details to know about my PC is :

    Core2Quad Q9400 2.6GHZ
    6GB DDR2 (I want to put more in there but its highly overpriced because now everyone use DDR3 which my MB doesn't support)
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits on a SSD on SATA2 (sadly my ASUS P5Q SE Plus doesn't support SATA3) along with all programs and games, all my data and other stuff is on normal HDD, if I start my Windows XP Pro SP3 that is on a normal HDD my machine takes 3 minutes to boot and be able to work with, but with Windows 7 on SSD, I'M working after 32 seconds exactly)
    Video Card is : ASUS Radeon HD 7770 DirectCU 1GB edition
  6. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    ^This. Buying a PC "preloaded" with software is akin to buying a PC preconfigured with virii. I don't mean that in a malware way, more like it's often more difficult to clean out all the bloat/demo ware than it is to clean up after a virus.

    A lot of the Streamers/YouTubers who have sponsors and/or make money with their casts also get to use PC costs as tax deductions, so they can afford to buy that $900 Intel CPU and/or 32GB ram.
  7. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Well, no wonder it loads slow. Dont want to burst your bubble, but that rig was rather dated even for 2010. I built my current PC in January 2010(wow 5 years already) and yet I got DDR3, SATA3 and countless other "generation" upgrades (some rather revolutionary) you lack.
  8. Dodge34

    Dodge34 New Member

    I know, but I had 500$ to spend on it in January 2010 and couldn't afford anything better at the time I got the following for 503,19$ on January 11 2010 to be exact (strange thing is I was just going through all my invoices and found it 2 minutes before I answered this topic) :

    Motherboard : ASUS P5Q SE Plus 112,90$
    CPU : Intel Core2Quad Q9400 2.6GHZ 204,99$
    Case : Antec Sonata III with 500W PSU 127,90$ (still running at this time and had no problems with it)

    The rest of the stuff I add it laying around, at the time I only had 2GB of DDR2 667 but later upgraded to 4GB of DDR2 667, then finally a friend of mine updated his machine and I got his 6GB of DDR2 800 (Corsair something I know it was top of the line when he got his machine, it was for gamers)
  9. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Well in my opinion it would not be worth spending money on upgrading it(with more ram etc). Instead you should save for an entirely new system. Some rather drastic changes have happened since then.

    One of them being that the North Bridge(the bus with the heat sink just below the CPU) is now "gone" in modern setups and instead its job is handled by the CPU directly. This means that data from RAM and GFX travels directly to CPU and also believe SATA3, USB3, etc. travels a more direct path for better bandwidth etc.(well it is what made SATA3, USB3 etc. possible I think).
  10. Dodge34

    Dodge34 New Member

    That is my plan actually, I want to get new stuff basically a new case and a new MB, I have to take an old machine to a shop to check it out cause a friend of mine went berseck on it and literally destroyed his PC (the PCIEx video card slot isn't there anymore because the card died on him while playing WoW), but I'm quite sure the CPU which is one of the best of the I5 series from December 2012 and the 16GB of DDR3 on it have survived, just without a car its really hard, have to rely on someone else for this. My original plan is also delayed, I was supposed to do it when GTA5 was released on PC (supposed to be on Jan 27), since its delayed until March 24, I have to wait to sell my PS3, I want to move my GTA5 progress to PC and I know I'll need the PS3 for it, they usually do an update the day after the release (that's what they did with PS4 and XBONE version) which require us to login on the PS3 or X360 to transfer it to PC, so I can't update my PC before I sell my PS3 for now but I won't stay on this machine for long, I have 100$ already set aside for the upgrade and will maybe sell my laptop from 2010 also which will hopefully give me enough money to get a better PC and perhaps another SSD, would love to keep my actual PC for server purpose.
  11. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Aww... It's so cute. I love spending my time reading about people complaining about five minute start times, while I wait the half-hour for my game to load up. Or the half hour lag sessions in the middle of my game. Patience is a virtue.
  12. DiamondArrow

    DiamondArrow New Member

    No expert here. But I'm pretty sure your CPU also has to do with a slow load. I've noticed my CPU gets almost 100% used when loading FTB.
  13. CondeCero

    CondeCero New Member

    I think, they edit the vídeo and cut the waiting part. Sorry about my english.
  14. Dodge34

    Dodge34 New Member

    Yup, I know they mostly say about that cut part every time they crash and such, but I didn't think they could wait up to 11 minutes (finally got Infinity to load, that's the time it took me to launch it) I play a custom modpack based on Utopia3 The Age of Adventures (just before they decided to switch to FTB Ressurection pack) and it takes me around 2 minutes to load 122 mods and play fine, I had a 161 mods in 1.6.4 and I never waited more than 4 minutes to load a modpack, not sure what the modders changed in their programming but now 11 minutes for the Infinity pack is insane.
  15. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    go make a sandwich in the mean time

    or keep an eye on the log console and see what takes the most time and communicate that back to the relevant devs, Also enough changed between 1.6 and 1.7 (amongst which is the overhauled string-based ID system)
  16. Dodge34

    Dodge34 New Member

    I usually play a game on my smartphone (2048 at this time) while it loads, and if not I make a cup of coffee (I'm a Coffee addict and proud of it) for me the load times is really surprising, I can load any GTA in less than 30 seconds, Watch Dogs in around 20 seconds, but Modded Minecraft can take up to 11 minutes, that's what I don't understand.
  17. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    and vanilla minecraft?

    AAA games will delay loading as much as possible so you can just jump into the game as quickly as possible, check the resource usage of those the next time you start. They are also optimized to need as little processing as possible while loading.

    Minecraft on the other hand loads everything before the mojang screen disappears. For each mod that means creating an object (the mod-class object) and calling the 3 init methods on it which each will create other objects, read files (configs and models) etc. All in a single thread.
  18. Dodge34

    Dodge34 New Member

    Vanilla Minecraft for me takes around 10-15 seconds to start, hold on a moment I'll check it right now and be back, results : 11 seconds to start up latest 1.8.2 pre6 version of Vanilla Minecraft and with a 128x texture pack on it to be even better.
  19. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    What you don't realize is that modded Minecraft is nothing but a hack applied to a kludge with a huge band-aid holding it together. This doesn't mean I dislike Modded, it just means I know enough about programming and the history of Java (I still have my O'Reilly Java 1.1 from 1997) to not worry when something actually works but takes a bit of time.

    By way of an explanation, Java was first written in 1995 as one of the first "generic" interpreted languages. While this allows any Java program to run on any system with a "Java RE", the fact that it's universal code makes the runtime somewhat bloated. Add the fact that it's interpreted and you realize that you cannot optimize for speed very well.

    In comparison, your "AAA" games are written in compiled languages for specific hardware with quality optimized APIs to squeeze every bit of speed out of the code. The only way to optimize further is to write in the CPU's native machine code using an assembler, at the cost of doubling or tripling development time, but the result will be a much smaller program and usually run faster.

    At this point in the hypothetical timeline we have Vanilla MC. There are many issues here that are slowly being fixed, such as the change in block-IDs between 1.6 and 1.7. When MC was first written it was not flow-charted or fully documented... It was a hobby project, after all. Bits were added/removed as new ideas were conceived and things became a headache to maintain. 200K+ line changes from 1.6 to 1.7 helped a bit but was just the tip of the iceberg. Add to that the new ideas that are being imported from other programs/languages and more changes are on the way, like the idea that you don't need to check the rendering for every block down to bedrock, just the ones in line-of-sight. That one came from MC Pocket Edition, written in C++ because phones and tablets don't have the resources to waste.

    Now the Kludge: There are/were several "shim" programs to fake up an interface between MC and mods. The one we are most familiar with here is Forgecraft. These programs have to be changed every time MC is changed and cause part of the delay between a new version of MC and Modpacks for said version, and mod developers can't even begin to start their work until their "shim" is finished.

    All mods are the "Hack" part of the above equation. Keep in mind that I'm old enough to remember calling a program a Hack was a compliment, before the media got hold of the word and defiled it... A Hack used to refer to a program that got hardware or other software to do something cool it wasn't originally designed to do, such as the first floating-point math routines running on integer CPUs, or self-modifying code. All mods fit that description to me.

    BTW, Thumbs up on 2048 and Coffee, although I also play Scrolls at times :D
  20. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    @Hambeau A few issues there, nowadays java intermediate bytecode gets compiled to machine code at run time by the JIT commpiler, (though it takes some time to kick in)

    forgecraft is the invite-only server popularized by a bunch of streamers/youtubers; forge is the shim you mean
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