Left Behind - Mars Survival...thoughts?

Discussion in 'Modpack Creation' started by soulo9, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. soulo9

    soulo9 New Member

    I'm developing a modpack loosely based around the book "The Martian". The pack will have custom recipes with Ex Nihilo/Mine Chem as the back bone of the world interaction. This will definitely be a HQM pack with the main goal to be survival. This will not be an easy modpack. In fact, my goal with this pack is to be as hard as possible. I plan to make this as realistic as possible as well so no magic mods. This also means that hunger, thirst and temperature are real problems.

    I'm thinking that the player will start with a lot of broken equipment and have to "repair" them with custom recipes using mod tweaker.

    Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on it in case anyone had any good mod ideas that I'm not aware of.
  2. Hazzor

    Hazzor Active Member

    I think it depends on how good the map is and how well you do your quests, lots of similar modpacks already exist, is sounds like you're describing agrarian skies in space sans magic, the broken equipment idea is cool

    Take a look at the 'crash landing' HQM pack and think about how yours would differentiate itself
  3. BlockFizix

    BlockFizix New Member

    Seems like a cool idea, theres actually a movie called "The Martian" (i think starring Mark Wahlberg) with this same general concept, coming out in the fall i think. I think that galacticraft might be a good mod to center the modpack around.
  4. soulo9

    soulo9 New Member

    Hazzor, thanks for the feedback. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do "broken" equipment. I've played crash landing quite a bit, but I think what will differentiate this pack from it is how i'll be using HQM. I'm thinking about doing a "Choose your own adventure" style quest book. So when you chose one thing, another goes away. I think that could give the mod pack quite a bit of playability and make it different for everyone.
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  5. soulo9

    soulo9 New Member

    Yeah the movie is based on the book and Matt Damon is starring. I'm super excited about it. It was actually the trailer for the movie that sparked my curiosity around how I would make the mod pack. I'm going for maximum realism so even the Martian blocks will be chemically accurate. Galacticraft will definitely play a primary role in the pack, I should have mentioned that.
  6. soulo9

    soulo9 New Member

    I am having issues staying warm (on the enviromine temp) even with a full suit of thermal cloth on. I'm wondering if this is a problem between enviromine and galacticraft. The only way to stay warm is to hold a bucket of lava. Any ideas?
  7. BlockFizix

    BlockFizix New Member

    Maybe the adventurers backpack mod would let the lava you hold warm you up, you can pass it off as space equipment, as to solving the enviromine problem there might not be compatibility between those two mods?
  8. Hazzor

    Hazzor Active Member

    mmm, that's a cool idea indeed
  9. That sounds like a cool idea... Minechem would be a good choice if you are going for realism.
  10. soulo9

    soulo9 New Member

    Not a bad idea but it only heats me up when it's in my hot bar. I found where I can change the ambient temp in the enviromine mod, but the only thing I can find that heats up that temp is lava. I may just have to turn off the temp part of the enviromine mod go with just the galacticraft mod.
  11. maxweinbach5

    maxweinbach5 New Member

    Maybe make it start in a galactic craft rocket, than go to the moon

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  12. Lasiecz

    Lasiecz Member

    Magical crops
    Tinkers Construct
    The one mod with FAN in it for great mobtrap
    Some type of astronaut clothing to be able to go out
    With these mods it will be amazing can't wait :3 will it be on technic or ftb?
  13. Jetsetlemming

    Jetsetlemming Active Member

    Can you find in the config files how enviromine adds temperatures to vanilla things? I remember in the book temperature was a big thing, mostly when he was traveling, and used a nuclear core. You could have a retextured and renamed lava bucket, or custom item via minetweaker, that behaves similarly. I imagine you're not going to be able to add a moon buggy, so the whole "customize your vehicle" part of the book, while awesome, isn't feasible and thus makes your job easier: Don't have to make that nuclear core item ambiently heat up the player by being nearby on a moving entity. :p
  14. Brock_145

    Brock_145 New Member

    Is this in the works of being made? or did you decide to not try and make it? Because I love the idea of this

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