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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by playerismc, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. playerismc

    playerismc New Member

    Hey i wanted to ask, if there is anyone who playes lol and would like to play at sometime?
    I'm atm Silver 5 and main support, just so you know. My in-game name is playerismc. You can add me if you want to.
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  2. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    Me :D
    I used to be Gold 3 but I haven't played much last season and no ranked at all.
    AD Carry main here. ljfa on EU West.
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  3. Sleepyscumbag

    Sleepyscumbag New Member

    I only really play when I'm at a LAN with my buddies who all play LoL, so I have jack in my rooster.

    I play DotA 2 though.
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  4. salihserhat

    salihserhat Guest

    what are you region?
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  5. KriszDev

    KriszDev New Member

    I don't play anymore because the games always drops me into games with at least 2 AFKs. Best matchmaking ever.
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  6. JamesGoblin

    JamesGoblin Guest

    Ah, the AFK blues... =)
  7. RyokuHasu

    RyokuHasu New Member

    I main Sona, and I'd say I do it fairly well. I generally get A- to S+ in most of my games, and for a support that's pretty insane. I love showing of my Mastery 7 when we out play the opponent with a well placed Sona ult and follow up <3
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  8. RyokuHasu

    RyokuHasu New Member

    HOLY CRAP! The Brazil wild card team beat the #1 LPL team at worlds, it's a massive upset! Never before has a Wildcard team accomplished such a huge victory! #LoLWorlds2016
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  9. delhiMiner

    delhiMiner Guest

    i'd be up to play with yall sometime i am currently only bronzie though :(
  10. Stogo1003

    Stogo1003 New Member

    Gold 5 in LOL VN
  11. Nashannata

    Nashannata Active Member

    EUW - Silver 2 - Main Top Nasus f.e. Just 10 Games last Season :D

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