LC's jokes rps


Jul 31, 2013
*The discussion is long but no one can agree on the best action, the king only listens as he knows that this kind of decisions are not his strong point. Eventually it is decided that its better to wait for new information and that in the meantime more guards should be on the walls. In the night Mia has a new dream, she sees the camp where Umlondai got frozen, everything is covered in a layer of ice. She floats in the air and has no control over where she goes. She sees Umlondai, still in the cage his eyes wide open. Mia then suddenly finds herself in the building where Umlondai unfroze her. She floats through all the rooms she has been to, all the corpses are gone and even though she sees no beings she has the feeling she is not alone. She then sees the pool of blood that Umlondai used to safe her, 3 beings are around it, they look like spirits they seem to be using some kind of magic. You then look in the pool of blood, the image of Umlondai appears with symbols around him. The symbols seem to change at will of the 3 beings. Then one of them seems to notice you, he points his arm to you as if he grabs something. Cold pain rushes through your body as everything turns black*