Launcher v2 Update!

Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by jjw123, May 27, 2013.

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  1. jjw123

    jjw123 New Member

    Here is a screenshot and video from the new launcher.

    This launcher is in development and is expected to be released with the 1.6 minecraft update.


  2. samstar

    samstar New Member

    Just read Slow tweet about this...looks amazing
  3. Robert Lung

    Robert Lung New Member

    That is going to be awesome
  4. LittleMike

    LittleMike New Member

    I'm excited about this! Do we have a changelog somewhere that shows what's been added/removed from the latest pack updates?
  5. samstar

    samstar New Member

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  6. Gravgon

    Gravgon New Member

    Love seeing the gears moving :D . thanks so much Slowpoke and the rest of the FTB team for all your hard work. I tip my hat to you
  7. LittleMike

    LittleMike New Member

  8. Epicskillz11

    Epicskillz11 New Member

    im excited for the new updates
  9. Lexar

    Lexar New Member

  10. ryanjh5521

    ryanjh5521 New Member

    Is the Private Pack option just not implemented yet or is it removed. Anyways this launcher looks cool. (Even better than Tekkit Launcher)
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  11. Rsonline

    Rsonline New Member

  12. runlvlzero

    runlvlzero New Member

    It looks really nice. Really great graphics for the different packs, thanks for including vanilla and snapshots in the launcher as options as well.
  13. QueWhat

    QueWhat New Member

    Simple interface, smooth animations, and awesome images for each pack; I love it!
  14. lade1rex

    lade1rex New Member

    I freaking love the image for direwolf20's modpack. It makes steve look so epic!
  15. SizzleBacon

    SizzleBacon New Member

    Looks good, keep us updated!

    Any ETA on 1.6?
  16. kleshas

    kleshas New Member

    I was just thinking the same about Magic World 2 and Tech World 2. Great job all around on the images.
  17. deandip

    deandip New Member

    Does anyone else think it's weird that Steve's mouth on the direwolf20 pic is being used as facial hair?
  18. Zexmaxwell001

    Zexmaxwell001 New Member

    its done. when its done..
  19. Magniff

    Magniff New Member

    Why does it have to look like an iphone app? Screw the eye candy and give me more functionality!
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  20. CrazyFreakHi

    CrazyFreakHi New Member

    This looks great! Like really, really great! I especially like the Maigc and Tech World's. Also the FTB Ultimate looks amazing! Can't wait till the launcher comes out!
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