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Whitelist Server Kosmos FTB | PvP - PvE | 1GB RAM | 10 Slots | Strict Rules | v5.0.1

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by SilentThief, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. kalegos89

    kalegos89 New Member

    Name: Gabriel
    Age: 37
    IGN: kalegos89
    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences): Im looking for a somewhat "quality" server, since this modpack was launched i get to love it and wanted to try a server experience, been having some problems in servers like map resets all the time, griefing and so on, putting in plain and simple i want to play the game without having to look over my shoulder all the time and worried if my "work" will be there the next day, if i want a pvp experience ill play a co-op shooter sort of speak, not counting with the technical problems that can happen of course.
    What will you do for the server(5-6 Sentences): Build, share and create, explore and dig deep onto the mods and discover the "pandoras" box on each one, and of course ill bring bacon.
    Have you ever been banned before: Never sir.
    Do you agree to follow the rules: Yes.
    Will you be active daily: As much i can, can have couple days off due to work but its quite rare.
    Experience with mods (Optional, will raise chance of joining): Have a few, being playing FTB since it was launched, before that did some Tekkit as server and playing alot of Technical, then made my own pack and being there trying the mods.
  2. asalt13

    asalt13 New Member

    Name: Christian Like lamp
    Age: 14 but I act more mature than 14
    IGN: asalt13
    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences): looking for a new server to join. The last one I played on the map reset so i started looking for a better one (better team mates mainly)
    What will you do for the server(5-6 Sentences): Automation, innovation, and other fun things
    Have you ever been banned before: nope
    Do you agree to follow the rules: Yes, I hate griefers...
    Will you be active daily: I'm try but school comes before play
    Experience with mods (Optional, will raise chance of joining): I have experience with all of the mods... I'm very good with TC though...
    Other: I have a Mic so I can do skype, Teamspeak, etc.
  3. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    Well, sadly the world we are in right now is corrupted.
  4. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Send me the error log
  5. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Oh sh-...

    You should get a plugin to make hourly backups!
  6. JuiceGrape

    JuiceGrape New Member

    It's not bukkit, but we really should get a backup system yeah...
  7. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    Ok, sure. :)

    We might not delete the world, sorry for the downtime.
  8. Henrique

    Henrique New Member

    Name: Henrique
    Age: 18
    IGN: KiwiKlutz
    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences): 'Cause I like the description of this server, no disabled mods and I was looking for a good community to play and share with others.
    What will you do for the server(5-6 Sentences): I don't have played any modded server before, so I'll try to my best.
    Have you ever been banned before: Yes, I was banned once for grief.
    Do you agree to follow the rules: Yes.
    Will you be active daily: About a 10 hours a day.
    Experience with mods (Optional, will raise chance of joining): I have experience in Thaumcraft, I play since version 1.
  9. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    There's one more spot open on the server.
    Luca has been taken off of the white-list.

    Everyone above this I am not checking your applications, if you want to re-apply you can, but follow the format, no joke applications.

    If you want more slots on the server, donate and it will help us get to our next stage on the server.
  10. mitchem

    mitchem New Member

    App. #2
    Name: Dewey
    Age: 20
    IGN: mitchem
    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences): I want to join a small and concise community that plays the same pack that I currently enjoy. The fact that you have all of the mods enabled makes it even better because I enjoy all of DireWolf's mods. I also want to join the server because I'm tired of playing alone. I scan host my own server for 1 or 2 friends to join me occasionally, but it's so laggy that it's ridiculously bad. The fact that the server would be able to have way more than the few that I can get on my own personal server hosted from my own machine would be brilliant fun. Also, the few friends that I have on my server typically are just bad themselves and mess things up, such as cheating, exploiting, or griefing each other so much that eventually the world becomes unplayable.
    What will you do for the server(5-6 Sentences): I like the idea that I would be a sort of trader for the server. My favorite things to do with FTB is to get an automated system going so that farming, deforestation, mining, and production is all done without me having to do much. Because of that I begin to get surpluses as I near the end of my automation and in single-player I'm not able to do much with those surpluses. However, I would not mind at all becoming something of a trader or setting up a bartering system for people to be able to use the massive amounts of goods my automation can bring. I would be able to supply tons of building materials to those who would want to build magnificent structures without them needing to spend hours and hours underground laboring before they can begin beautifying the servers. On the other hand, I could supply tons of equipment to those who want to go exploring, or want to do some sort of PvP. And of course, I myself like to build and generally try to help other people that are thinking up some new crazy invention.. Not only that but I like to explore, and the fact that I haven't been able to seen much of Mystcraft or of the Twilight Forest makes me eager to help those who would want to go there as well as go there myself.
    Have you ever been banned before: No
    Do you agree to follow the rules: Yes, the rules are the typical ones I try to have on my own servers
    Will you be active daily: I can try, but being in college and working does make it hard. I can promise at least 30 minutes a day at the very least. Some days that I have off I can promise even more, such as a couple of hours in some cases.
    Experience with mods (Optional, will raise chance of joining): I have a little experience with all the mods in FTB. I am by no means professional nor am I proficient in the use of a select few, but with research and perseverance I can get the hang of them. Outside of the game I also have experience with using Bukkit, but no experience making mods.
    (Sorry for my previous post, it was dreadful and without much thought. My apologies.)
    Also, if I make it in and enjoy the server I'll happily donate. I just don't like to donate to things I have no clue about.
  11. MapleBar

    MapleBar New Member

    Name: Dominic
    Age: 22
    IGN: MapleBar
    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences): Err... I could try to BS and stretch"I want to play the Direwolf20 FTB modpack with other people" out to 5-6 sentences but that's really all there is to it.
    What will you do for the server(5-6 Sentences): I honestly can't really say that I could do much for the server. I'm too poor to donate (well actually I could probably spare a few bucks but I don't have a bank account or paypal or anything like that) and I'm not creative enough to build any grandiose architecture. I suppose I can contribute to the community aspect though. I play often, I love to help other more imaginative people with their endeavors and I'm knowledgeable with some of the more intricate parts of the mod systems but that's about it.
    Have you ever been banned before: Short answer: Yes, but never for any kind of griefing or cheating. I can go into the long of it upon request but suffice it to say that I won't be causing you any trouble.
    Do you agree to follow the rules: Absolutely. I might have a little trouble with the cursing one but I'll try to stifle myself
    Will you be active daily: More often than not
    Experience with mods (Optional, will raise chance of joining): Fairly high, been playing minecraft for almost 3 years and started with tekkit/technic a while back.
  12. Hirix

    Hirix New Member

    Name: Justin

    Age: 22

    IGN: Hirix

    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences): I have been away from actually playing minecraft for quite some time, but still follow direwolf20 and many others through youtube and twitch. With that, I have been finding myself missing it i a way so I am looking for a good stable server to play on. I have played with the direwolf20 pack with FTB on singleplayer, but I find something just missing. It gets too lonely, too quiet for my liking. Though multiplayer has more risks, I find it to be more beneficial. I love to build with others, make group projects, and community work places. I especially love to show off my builds and creations that I feel rather fond and proud of. Most importantly I love communication, I like to be able to chat with others while building or doing other tedious acts, such as mining. I feel this server has many of the qualities I am looking for, and that is why I wish to join.

    What will you do for the server(5-6 Sentences): As stated previously, I am a community builder, and that is what I hope to bring. I want to go out and search for the idea area and welcome others, new and old to the server, to join me and build something amazing. I enjoy watching a small group of strangers come together and make little dirt plots just to turn into a large industrious city later on. With it, I will bring order and direction with others and lead them to enjoy their time even further. My ultimate goal I have planned on here in a community warehouse, that many could come to use as they please. If there are new players that join the server for the first time, I would be proud to have them come find me for my aid, and welcome them to stay. Unfortunately I am finding this to be nothing more than a pipe dream considering the horrors of online play (griefing and just plain sour attitudes mostly), but I still have some hope to make something like this happen. I believe all it takes is finding the right environment with the ideal community, that is what I hope to find and grow from.

    Have you ever been banned before: Not that I am aware of, I quite despise griefing, stealing, and PvP so I never actually do so to bring myself to a ban. I try to keep my attitude well above negative so things are kept well with others around me.

    Do you agree to follow the rules: As the rules are the first thing I check for any server, it decides if I apply for whitelisting or not. Seeing as I am applying, I do agree fully.

    Will you be active daily: Hard to say honestly. For me to play, I usually have to have the thirst to build, create, and escalate. If my attitude is a bit down or I am just tired, I don't come on as it really affects my playing and builds. So truthfully, I won't be on everyday as that being the major reasoning. I also have commitments to other games such as World of Warcraft, and anyone that plays may be able to understand me from there. Also it comes down to what do I feel like playing for the time. Don't get me wrong, I will make every effort to be a part of the community and the server, hopping on here and there, and when I do hop on, it will usually be for a good amount of hours at a single time. And I will surly make my way on the server multiple times weekly without a doubt.

    Experience with mods (Optional, will raise chance of joining): Many of the mods I am aware of and though my experience is not perfect, I excel greatly at them. I am fully confident in my abilities to use all the mods within this pack, as I have been playing a majority of them before Feed-the-Beast was live. The mods that I haven't played prior to that, I had the pleasure of tinkering around with in this pack on single player, and rather enjoy what I am finding.
    Hope you all have a great read of this as I had the joy of writing it. Cheers.
  13. Kaatoz

    Kaatoz New Member

    Name: Mike
    Age: 29
    IGN: Kaatoz
    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences): Looking for a good multiplayer server where I can helps others. I can build freely using all the mods within the pack. And just have a general good time with fellow MC players.
    What will you do for the server(5-6 Sentences): I have knowledge on every mod within the pack. I am very good with setting up complex mechanical systems. I like big builds, testing the knowledge that I have with the mods. I also have a Teamspeak3 server if anyone is interested and there isn't a VoIP service already in place.
    Have you ever been banned before: Never been on a MC server other than privately setup personal ones with friends.
    Do you agree to follow the rules: Of course
    Will you be active daily: As much as normal life allows me, I do have a wife and 2 children, but my active playtime is pretty good.
    Experience with mods (Optional, will raise chance of joining): Name a mod within the pack and I can tell you pretty much all the functions of it. I have watched with my son all of the DW20 mod spotlights.
  14. TKFT_ExTr3m3

    TKFT_ExTr3m3 New Member

    Name: Ted

    Age: 16

    IGN: TKFT_ExTr3m3

    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences): I like the DireWolf20 modpack and want to play on a sever using it. After looking around at some i found yours and i have liked the way it looked. You do not have any mods removed or items disabled which I like. This server is small and I like smaller servers better because the landscape isn't ruined and you can find a place to build a house. Also with it being a small server you are less likely to get griefed by someone who joins and wrecks peoples house then never comes back. I have been watching DireWolf20's Letsplay Season 5 like the modpack a lot. I have also be watching his Season 3/4 SMP Letsplay and really like playing on servers with other people. Your rules you have are good and I like them especially rules 10 and 12 about voting on banning a player and not creating new ages without permission so there wont be a lot of lag from people creating tons of ages.

    What will you do for the server (5-6 Sentences): I will when i first join mine and collect resources at first for about a hour or so before i find a location to build my house. I can build things that are both functional and nice looking so my house wont look ugly. If you wanted me to i could build or help build a shared machine room at or around spawn for people to use. I could also build a market place next to it for people to sell items using IndustrialCraft2 Trade-O-Mats. I am also experienced with almost all of the mods and can help anyone if they needed help with anything.

    Have you ever been banned before: No. I don't grief, hack, steal, or do anything. I prefer to build creative and functional things over wrecking something someone has spent hours or more building.

    Do you agree to follow the rules: Yes, and I like your rule about not creating ages unless you ask permission. The rule about voting to ban someone sounds nice as well.

    Will you be active daily: Yes, I have ski team after school till about 6:00-6:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and will be on about 1 or 2 hours maybe more i f i can. The rest of the week and weekend i will be active 2-3 hours on Monday and 3-4 or more on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My skiing will end around the beginning of February end of January and then I will be active full time.

    Experience with mods: I am experienced with all most all the mods installed. I have be playing some of the mods since before Minecraft 1.0. I have also played Techinc and Tekkit before FTB came out and have used almost all the mods in the pack before.
  15. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    Applications will be checked soon.

    We need a donator for $13.00 if wertel isn't going to ever come back. Or the server will shutdown.
  16. Deuxtan

    Deuxtan New Member

    Name: Deuxtan
    Age: 22
    IGN: Deuxtan
    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences):
    I've been on several FTB servers already, each of them lacking either moderation or enough protection mechanisms to enjoy a fair game. So I hope this server is different from earlier experiences since it is apparently very well planned and community-driven. I'm looking forward to a lot of ComputerCraft tinkering and exploring the mechanisms of the various mods together with the community to create clever contraptions. As I've seen from the other whitelist posts, there are many mature people around and I look forward to interesting discussions.
    What will you do for the server(5-6 Sentences):
    I am currently working on a 64x64 Feed The Beast Texturepack called OutlandCraft. It's industrial / futuristic and most importantly not done yet. I wouldn't mind it at all if the community on this server has a big influence shaping it to make it a pack that everyone can enjoy. I have a lot of fun helping people asking questions about mods and passing on what I've learned about the mods. If there are community projects on this server that would be really awesome and I'd love to contribute to a big build or machine. Teamplay with the right people is just fun as hell.

    Have you ever been banned before:
    It never happened and I intend to keep it that way.
    Do you agree to follow the rules:
    Yes and I expect every other player to do the same.

    Will you be active daily:
    As much as I would like that, work comes first but I'll most likely be able to pop in 5 times per week.

    Experience with mods (Optional, will raise chance of joining):
    Very experienced in any aspect of IndustrialCraft and RedPower with the exception of the new IC nuclear system (I have played with the old system for too long and haven't bothered with the new one yet.) I also every much enjoy programming turtles to take care of all my automation since.
    The BuildCraft family (BuildCraft, RailCraft, Thermal Expansion, Logistics pipes,...) I have played with, but not extensively (I wouldn't be able to tell you exact numbers of MJ each engine provides and so on) except for Thermal Expansion which is in my eyes a very clever mod that I thoroughly explored.
    Thaumcraft 3 I have not that much experience with (Thaumcraft 2 I have). It just didn't have enough functionality and the golems are a clumsy alternative to turtles however awesome they may look. Maybe I just don't enjoy the research that much compared to Forestry's beekeeping which I love just as much as IndustrialCraft crops.
    Equivalent Exchange 3,... I have played on server with it installed and know all about it from Direwolf20's channel but never used it much myself as I consider it cheating. It breaks all balancing and just ruins the fun to transmute items when there is the challenge of creating different contraptions to farm different ressources.
    Last of all GregTech. I have a SSP world with the Direwolf20 pack plus GregTech on Hardcore. I haven't gotten as far as the fusion reactor yet, but everything else I've tried.
  17. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    Server back online. :D
    Applications are now being looked at.
    Still need a small little donation of $13, need to pay the server bill.
  18. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    When does that need to be paid?
    I start my new job in 2 weeks but my first paycheck won't be until 2 weeks after that :/
  19. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    Sadly, 3/02/13 :(
  20. QueWhat

    QueWhat New Member

    Name: Que :) (Check your inbox)
    Age: (Check your inbox)
    IGN: QueWhat
    Why do you want to join the server (5-6 Sentences): Bullet points:
    • I used to own a small server myself and found that a smaller community is better than a large one as everyone gets to know each other and is more willing to help each other out and work on projects together.
    • I like your rules, similar to my preferences.
    • You took your time to create your intro post and I can tell you care for your server based on the frequency of your updates whenever the server has issues (which is unavoidable). That shows an experienced and caring owner (and one that has time on his hands).
    • I've seen some of the folks that have been accepted to join your server and seen their forum activity, that shows that this server has an active and knowledgeable community (including you Mr. Silent :D).
    • I like how thorough and picky you are in choosing members.
    What will you do for the server(5-6 Sentences): Numbers!:
    1. I will follow the rules. I know how hard it is to maintain a server and the time you have to sacrifice as a server owner to do so, I respect that.
    2. I will NOT be on the server every single day, but I will be on weekly and quite active.
    3. I despise ugly buildings, you won't get any of that from me, I take my time to create my buildings before advancing on the mods.
    4. I will participate in community builds and lend my knowledge and assistance to all in need.
    5. Mr. Good Kitty taught me to be a nice person :p:

    Have you ever been banned before: No, check for yourself Here.
    Do you agree to follow the rules: Yessir
    Will you be active daily: Nope, I have IRL career and other things that are more important than a game. But I am on weekly as this is one of my fav. pastimes.
    Experience with mods (Optional, will raise chance of joining): Very familiar with IC2, and BC, and some familiarity with Forestry and TE (I do not use Thaumcraft ever).
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