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Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Koozman28, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. xLyfa

    xLyfa New Member

    • MC User: xLyfa
    • Skype: I can pm you it later if that's cool. Hmu.
    • Age: 18 (and 7 months :) )
    • Play Style: Typically, I like to start out with Magic, then ease into Tech. Mid - End game, I'm immersed into both.
    • Experience with mods: Started MC in 1.4 ish beta, started mods soon after IC2 was first released (quite a while ago!). I am educated with most mods, and I can't play without them anymore.
    • About Yourself: As of now, I'm literally only like.. three weeks from graduating highschool. Got a large scholarship to my preferred college. Currently going through intensive psychotherapy. 18/F/USA. Non-judging, compassionate, loving.
    • I'd love to help out others with any mod that I have experience with. I'm really chill, if anybody needs to just chat, I'm here. I like to make my builds look nice, I don't leave floating trees scattering the landscape, and I love seeing what other people have built and gaining inspiration from that.
    I hope you'll consider me for the server, thanks for checking me out and contact me if you accept!
  2. t62pac

    t62pac New Member

    • MC Username: dada926
    • Skype ID: t62pac
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Farming mainly.
    • Experience with mods: Started playing Minecraft a couple years ago. went into Tekkit and Hexxit for a bit.
    • About Yourself: College freshman in Louisiana. I like to use photoshop to create signatures/banners/wallpapers etc. I have lots of free time to play so i'll probably be on daily.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: Great understanding of vanilla and Hexxit. Gladly be able to help out anyway possible!
  3. peterhclo

    peterhclo New Member

    • MC Username: peterhclo
    • Skype ID: peterhclo i think
    • Age (18+): 20
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): tech, but i like building more than anything particular, and one thing always lead to another
    • Experience with mods: tekkit, direwolf20, voltz
    • About Yourself:university student, i like playing something to waste my time
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: i think i am good at building, and being extremely usless not knowing anything
  4. Khalon

    Khalon New Member

    MC Username: Khalon_Kurogami
    Skype ID: khalon07
    Age: 25

    Play style: A combination of tech and magic.

    Experience with mods: I've played pixelmon extensively and now recently I've gotten into FTB and am used to some of the early game mods like tinkers' construct, ender io, and extra utilities.

    About yourself: I enjoy talking with friends in teamspeak/skype and playing together having a good time. I enjoying helping others and sharing resources. Even if I haven't done something before I will still try to lend my creativity and knowledge to another to help them work through a problem they are trying to solve.

    What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server: I am new to FTB infinity but as mentioned above I believe my creativity and imagination can be a helpful asset to friends and others in helping them to solve any difficulties they may be having. Whether it be building or functional.
    Last edited: May 19, 2015
  5. Chickenman525

    Chickenman525 New Member

    • MC Username: chickenman525
    • Skype ID: live:chrisfalco_5
    • Age (18+): 19
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Magic tyty
    • Experience with mods: I've played infinity so far FTB wise thou im still getting use to some things, but maybe coming here will help me grow as a FTB player so one day i may help someone in the future.
    • About Yourself: I'm one year outta high school so becuase its summer now i feel like i want to get back into the minecraft zone, I am friends with mrhanxin.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: Well for starters I really like to learn and play on multiplayer to not only gain knowledge for myself but to have fun with others as well such as a community server. I have somewhat of an imaginative mind so i can offer some building ideas to people if needed because ideas just fly in my head when given a topic, yet when it comes to actually building them lets just say keep them in my head XD. I hope i can be accepted so I can enjoy this server since Han keeps trying to beg me to come here and be apart of this community so yeah thts my app -tyty.
    Last edited: May 20, 2015
  6. Jakeb

    Jakeb New Member

    • MC Username: jakeb79
    • Skype ID: jake.barth2
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Tech to start out, with a mix of tech and magic once I'm well established.
    • Experience with mods: I played FTB in the 1.4.7 days and custom packs in the 1.5.x. days. I'm currently playing a KS pack somewhat similar to Infinity and have been doing so for the past 1-2 months.
    • About Yourself: I like to do my own thing and build my own stuff, but enjoy talking with other people and messing around between projects. I like helping people out and getting help from others, especially with resources that are hard to find starting out but easy to multiply once you have them i.e. AE2 presses. I'm not the greatest builder so once I get to end-game stuff I generally build everything out in the open.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I'm good at taking ideas and scaling them up or finding ways to make them better/more practical. I'm also good at learning mods thoroughly and helping people out with them once I've learned them; however I'm still learning mods and am not familiar with a lot of them.
  7. Oscaro947

    Oscaro947 New Member

    • MC Username: Oscaro947
    • Skype ID: oscar.0497
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Mostly tech, some magic late-mid game
    • Experience with mods: Long. Been playing with mods since the priginal release of IC1
    • About Yourself: A 18yo Scandinavian. Love to make unnecessarily complex automation and general tach based/lazy play. Not the most active of players due to school, but love to play with a small and nice community to unwind.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: Automation is my primary skillset in MC, though I am not one to shy away from a challenge. Easy going and helpful (IMO, though I huess you'll have to be the judge). Tend to be on VOIP, though it varies.
  8. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye New Member

    • MC Username: HawkeyeNL
    • Skype ID: rene.honsbeekiejj
    • Age (18+): 20
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Full metal tech :D
    • Experience with mods: about a year before ftb started
    • About Yourself: i'm a lifeguard so i'm playing nights mostly, i hope to find a great community, and i'm going to try and build a cool base instead of 9by9's :D
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: my tech skills are pretty amazing, i'm learing computercraft everyday, and i hope to bring a lot of fun and community being to the server
  9. TheNecromage

    TheNecromage New Member

    • MC Username: TheNecromage
    • Skype ID: PvM.Akatsuki
    • Age (18+): 20
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): I normally use any mod that can help me get ahead. Lean slightly more towards tech than magic.
    • Experience with mods: About two years now. I know the most of Tinkers' Construct versus the others.
    • About Yourself: I have a full time job and my shifts sometimes change so I may be on at random times with no set schedule.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I tend to help out players who are starting if I can. I am very useful when it comes to making great tinkers tools.
  10. coldSherpa

    coldSherpa New Member

    • MC Username: coldSherpa
    • Skype ID: vicente.rd
    • Age (18+): 21
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Bit of Both, mostly tech though.
    • Experience with mods: Eh. Been playing with them for about a year now.
    • About Yourself: Civil engineer in IT and telecomms student / Linux preacher / Creative MC Server Admin
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I don't know, you tell me :D
  11. Netty16

    Netty16 New Member

    • MC Username: netty16
    • Skype ID: littleasianboynetty (though i prefer to use teamspeak)
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Mostly Tech Ender IO, AE 2, and Big Reactors. But recently interested in exploring Magic in Thaumcraft, Blood Magic, Botania
    • Experience with mods: Been playing with modded minecraft for 2+ years
    • About Yourself: Freshman in Uni, Looking to just play with mature folks
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: Im looking to just play with others in a mature community and just have a good time.
  12. Megaprr

    Megaprr New Member

    MC Username: Megaprr
    Skype ID: Megaprr1
    Age (18+): Almost 20.
    Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Combination of both, aesthetic builder, love large builds, love thaumcraft.
    Experience with mods: I've been playing modded minecraft since the tekkit days, and have experience in most of the mods.
    About Yourself: I love building intricate systems and am currently studying engineering.
    What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: Here's something I invented/built in the past to give you an idea: http://imgur.com/a/ULaGu
  13. TheMantis

    TheMantis New Member

    • MC Username: CntrlT
    • Skype ID: CntrlT
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): All but lean towards tech.
    • Experience with mods: Around 3 years.
    • About Yourself: I started playing minecraft with mods back when the main FTB pack was Ultimate. Recently I have taken a break from minecraft in general for a good 4 months and now i have found some free time from studies and I am looking to get back into the swing of things.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: Knowledge that some may not have of mods as well as community projects.
  14. CapnCrunch955

    CapnCrunch955 New Member

    • MC Username: CapnCrunch955
    • Skype ID: CapnCrunch955
    • Age (18+): 20
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): i need ae cause im a loot goblin and i collect all the things and i usually go tech cause i still need to learn thaum and other magic mods
    • Experience with mods: i play alot of modded minecraft i know alot about the tech mods but not too much about magic mods
    • About Yourself: i been playing minecraft for 7 years now i think ever since indev back when you couldnt swin and water filled your world
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: i can contribute a friendly attitude and i will help anyone that needs it to the best of my ability and i hope to make games for people to play on the server
  15. Nebjules

    Nebjules New Member

    MC username: Nebjules
    Skype ID: nebjamin_1
    Age (18+): 27
    Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): I am a hybrid style player love magic and tech and even bust out some old school vanilla tactics aswell
    Experience with mods: i first stared on unleashed as my first modpack and fell in love ive probably played pretty much every ftb modpack so far, i love tech but im also a dab hand at thaumcraft, botania and not to shabby with blood magic.
    About Yourself: i been playing minecraft for a year or 2 but its been my main game for as long as i can remember im a uk based chap who works 9-5 so as soon as im done at work minecraft is my baby and i nuture it!!
    What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: i am a helpful and easy going guy with alot of love for all things including teamwork and massive builds and im always willing to help with community builds and im good at sharing too :)
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2015
  16. KidKevin

    KidKevin New Member

    • MC Username: AeroBuddy
    • Skype ID: kidkevin7
    • Age (18+):19, almost 20
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Not really sure what this means, but magic maybe?
    • Experience with mods: I have little experience with FTB and would like to start my journey on this server.
    • About Yourself: I enjoy playing with others, as I believe it enhances the Minecraft experience and makes the game fun for me and everyone else. I enjoy working with others and hope they'll enjoy working with me.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I don't really have experience but that's why I'd like to start on here. This looks like a good place to start on, I'd like to gain experience over time and hope I can contribute soon enough.
  17. strane111

    strane111 Active Member

    • MC Username: strane111
    • Skype ID: strane111
    • Age (18+): 18 :D
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): I am a primarily tech player but I want to give magic a try this time around.
    • Experience with mods: I have been playing FTB for over 2 years now. My favorite mods have been AE, Red Power, and Thermal Expansion.
    • About Yourself: Im a 18 year old, computer programmer from the USA!
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I can contribute a unique building style as well as I can help others with troubles they may have with mods.
  18. wackoman6789

    wackoman6789 New Member

    • MC Username: wackoman6789
    • Skype ID: Austin9068
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.):tech
    • Experience with mods: I have played most of the common mods
    • About Yourself: i have been playing minecraft since 1.8.1 alpha
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: my knowledge of most tech based mods and a few magic ones
  19. Ziibez

    Ziibez New Member

    • MC Username: Ziibez
    • Skype ID: I don't use Skype for gaming as I run a business through it aswell.
    • Age (18+): 22
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): I like to mix them both, maybe not with interaction but I don't draw a line between my tech and magic areas... usually.
    • Experience with mods: I've been playing Modded Minecraft since the first FTB map. I've been heavily into it since a group of friends and I became the most advanced group on an old Tekkit server :D People would come just to look at our working and efficient IC2 reactor!!
    • About Yourself: I'm 22 and work stupid hours... Living at a nightclub/bar means I'll be getting on at 4/5am my time or the afternoons... Depends on when I'm awake! I like to play to chill out after work and to grind when I really set my mind to it. I enjoy playing on Multiplayer rather than Singleplayer as I get to talk to people. I may not interact or co-op with people ingame but just being able to read chat and contribute makes it far more enjoyable! I'm helpful and don't mind giving out advice, but at other times I just like to keep myself to myself and realx!
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I'm hoping to make a large base which is inspired by a particular game I've always enjoyed. You'll just have to wait and see if I get whitelisted... Hopefully I'll be able to make it look good! Haha.
  20. Koozman28

    Koozman28 New Member

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