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Whitelist Server KoozCraft [Community-based] | [PvE] | [18+] | [Dedicated Server] | [Fresh Map]

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Koozman28, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Koozman28

    Koozman28 New Member

    KoozCraft is recruiting once again! The members of Koozcraft and I are hoping to build a server community with trusting members whom all contribute to the progression of all individual members. Since opening the server (on 11/3/14), we have steadily been a growing community! Typically we'll have 5-10 players online at once, with 20+ individual players at different times.

    The server will be running on a custom built dedicated machine, 8 core 4.0 GHz AMD CPU, 16GB RAM. This server is located in southeastern USA (KY). We also have a TeamSpeak server.

    The actual world will go live this Friday, 4/27/15. The server should be running 24/7, and our admin are often available should a problem arise.

    Difficulty: Hard
    IP: koozcraft.info.tm

    There are rules and other info about our server in-game, but for the most part:
    • No griefing/theft/etc.
    • No PvP unless both parties agree
    • Use common sense
    ** For this iteration of our world, instant teleportation via mystcraft will be "limited." We hope to build a more tight-knit community this way.

    If you're interested in joining our server, please leave a post or send me a PM with the following info:
    • MC Username:
    • Skype ID:
    • Age (18+):
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.):
    • Experience with mods:
    • About Yourself:
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?:
    After receiving the above info, we can have a quick chat to answer any questions/concerns you may have via Skype (preferred) or TeamSpeak.
  2. Bigman52796

    Bigman52796 New Member

    • MC Username: bigman52796
    • Skype ID: bigman52796
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): I've always loved magic in every game I play, and modded Minecraft is no exception.
    • Experience with mods: I've been playing with mods since around MC 1.4-1.5
    • About Yourself: I'm not exactly the most talkative person you'll ever meet, but I'm always happy to lend a helping hand.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I'm always very open with sharing resources, and if wanted, I would enjoy helping others/building for the community, rather than just something to use solely for myself. I won't be able to offer much help with making things look nice, as my creativity is somewhat limited, but i can certainly help with making community builds work.
  3. Frostblooded

    Frostblooded New Member

    • MC Username:frostblooded
    • Skype ID:beachlover444
    • Age (18+):18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.):Everything, mainly a builder tbh im still learning the mods
    • Experience with mods:Master at all the Mods like Industrialcraft from the Technic pack(Played that since the day it came out) Pretty decent with the FTB Ultimate and Monster pack but still learning things and especially learning Infinity.
    • About Yourself:Just a chill guy lookin to play on a community that matters rather than some stupid server that lags constantly
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?:Community things, I would like to have my brother come on with me, me and him team up hes young but doesnt say much and is polite. Also if you want this to grow perhaps start a youtube thing like the Hermitcraft people have
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  4. JoKillerPT

    JoKillerPT New Member

    • MC Username: JoKillerPT
    • Skype ID: kidjp1993
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): tech and a bit magic
    • Experience with mods: ic2 thermal expension draconium evelution botania and tinkers' counstruct
    • About Yourself:
      I humbly so with people very dificialmente zangome
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?:
      I am very good at making machines and some counstruçoes
  5. Teklow82

    Teklow82 New Member

    • MC Username: Teklow82
    • Skype ID:daliko821
    • Age (18+):32
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.):tech and farming. would like to dabble in witchery or botania
    • Experience with mods: almost everything FTB about 1 year of playing
    • About Yourself:father of 4 . granted i'll try and be on teamspeak if i can but as u can imgain kids and noise LOL
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: i like seeing other people builds. ideas. sharing mine. everyone has there own way of doing things. LOL .
  6. MrHanXin

    MrHanXin New Member

    • MC Username: MrHanXin
    • Skype ID: MrHanXin
    • Age (18+): 21
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Tech and farming
    • Experience with mods: I've played ultimate before.... that was my last experience with FTb. I do wish to learn it and pick it up again if possible.
    • About Yourself: I am a college student, who is quite sociable and talkative. I am also considerate of others and respects everyone.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: To be honest I am not experience with infinity, but I really want to pick up FTB again because I really enjoyed it back when I was playing ultimate. I know everything have changed, but I rather learned with a community to play with then simply playing single player with my lonesome self ;-;. So I hope I get accepted for this server.
  7. edgEe

    edgEe New Member

    • MC Username: edgEe21
    • Skype ID: jac3kq
    • Age (18+): 22
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): I love to build + tech stuff but i'm willing to learn more about magic
    • Experience with mods: I'm playing for about 3 years.. few modded server (monster / ultimate / modsouce / and some custom modded )
    • About Yourself: I am a student from Polish. I like computer games. Mostly I play driving simulators (such as LFS / Assetto Corsa) and ArmA 2/3.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I've got few ideas about buildings / community suff and things.. I'd rather build / play with community instead of playing only for my own ..
  8. Koozman28

    Koozman28 New Member

    We just updated to 1.4.1. Still taking new applications!
  9. Gexman123

    Gexman123 New Member

    • MC Username: Gexman123
    • Skype ID: Will PM
    • Age (18+): 27
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Tech, but hoping to learn some magic based mods
    • Experience with mods: Very limited, but i'm a fast learner
    • About Yourself: From Los Angeles, looking for a US based server to play on. I go to school and work so most of my playtime will be late night.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I'm a friendly person that is content working by myself to get the things I want. However I'm more than happy to share and work together on projects that I'm interested in. I've recently decided to learn some magic based mods since I've always steered clear of them, so I'll probably be doing quite a bit of Thaumcraft, Botania, and Blood Magic.
  10. DeceptiveCrEeD

    DeceptiveCrEeD New Member

    • MC Username: DeceptiveCreed
    • Skype ID: deceptivecreed
    • Age (18+): 21
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): I love diving into tech mods early game, and magic mods late game once I have materials.
    • Experience with mods: Been watching modded minecraft youtube vids for 2 years now. Been playing modded minecraft for 2 years as well. I am experienced.
    • About Yourself: I enjoy servers with a friendly, mature atmosphere. I am mostly an introvert, but online I tend to be an extrovert once I know others around me. I prefer building a base alone, and try to do my best to limit and be efficient with the chunks I load in my base.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I have several years experience with most of the tech mods, if someone has a question that I know the answer to, I will assist them. If someone needs help with a project, and I happen to be available, I'll assist them.
  11. Loki557

    Loki557 New Member

    • MC Username:Loki557m
    • Skype ID:loki557543
    • Age (18+):23
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.):Mix of Tech and Magic with a slight preference towards magic mods
    • Experience with mods:On and off experience with FTB for a few years, no expert but know at least a bit of a lot of mods.
    • About Yourself:Live in Texas, been playing minecraft FTB with friends and solo for a few years although I prefer playing on servers to solo. I am pretty laidback and enjoy having a laugh when chatting with people, hard to get me really mad.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?:Honestly not sure, I usually end up having more of an idea of what I am going to do once I get started a bit. More than willing to help out others though.
  12. JoKillerPT

    JoKillerPT New Member

    • MC Username: JoKillerPT
    • Skype ID:kidjp1993
    • Age (18+):18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): all
    • Experience with mods: industrialcraft thermal expension thaumcraft minefactory ender io big reactors and botania
    • About Yourself:I humbly so with people
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?:I am very good at making machines and some counstuctions
  13. killacrazy

    killacrazy New Member

    Is a thief, bewarned
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  14. thomboy90

    thomboy90 New Member

    • MC Username: thomboy90
    • Skype ID: thomboy901
    • Age (18+): nope 16 sorry
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): tech, i know allot about them. but i have a very special place in my hearth for magic mods
    • Experience with mods: since beta 1.4
    • About Yourself: iam a 16 year old dutch boy. i love the help people and make friends adn that is what iam searching in a server
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: i know allot about most mods because iam playing modded MC since beta 1.4 i love to help people and work together and make friends... my only problem is that iam dyslectix and not a native english speaker, my english is pretty decent but not perfect
  15. silvertab

    silvertab New Member

    • MC Username: silvertab
    • Skype ID: Will PM
    • Age (18+): 31
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): mostly tech (more specifically AE, Ender IO, Extra Utilities, TE, etc.), but I'd like to play with Botania and Thaumcraft this time around!
    • Experience with mods: I've tried pretty much all the tech mods out there, been playing modded MC ever since the beginning... still haven't done much with magic mods however :)
    • About Yourself: I have a 1yo daughter at home so, as Teklow82 mentioned above, TeamSpeak can be complicated since I'm mostly playing when she's sleeping!
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I know a lot about tech mods, but I also really love to work on aestethic builds. Would love to contribute on some community buildings, have some farms set up for everyone to use etc..
  16. PoloTiger

    PoloTiger New Member

    • MC Username: PoloTiger
    • Skype ID: Will PM
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Tech, but I make my factories and builds aesthetically pleasing above all. Favorite building material is brick.
    • Experience with mods: I have been playing modded MC since 1.2.4 and Minecraft since Beta 1.6, I have had a hiatus from FTB for awhile, so I'm looking to learn about the changes and evolution in modding that has occurred.
    • About Yourself: My play style probably tells a lot about me, build up large amounts of resources then expand. I won't do anything without over doing it. I am still in Highschool, 4 more weeks, but I do look forward to getting to know a new server. I am quiet on teamspeak, but look to be more out going once I meet a few people.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I always make good looking builds, it's what I do best in my own eyes. I also have a good grasp of how certain mods work well with each other, but I am a little out of verse with the current modding situations and meta. I am a calm secluded player, but I will participate in events.
  17. Lichiepoo

    Lichiepoo New Member

    • MC Username: Lichiepoo
    • Skype ID: I shall PM you my Skype.
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Tech, I really enjoy creating intricate reactor systems, and enjoy setting up tech. I was able to create a ReactorCraft Fusion Reactor in FTB Monster in a survival.
    • Experience with mods: I have been playing modded MC since 1.5 (Starting with FTB Unleashed with Gregtech), I have yet to try out Vanilla Minecraft. I was previously in another FTB Infinity Server in which I learned the ropes of Ender IO. I feel that I am ready to roll.
    • About Yourself: I really enjoy the process of creating a huge factory, or a new reactor. I like thinking of a new way to assemble something, and I really enjoy the realistic mods that are included in some FTB Servers. I am usually quite reserved, unless I am with people I know very well. I am mature when needed to be, and will respect all rules put upon me while participating in this server.
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I enjoy creating power systems that can benefit the entire server, (in my previous FTB Experience, I created a ReactorCraft Fusion Reactor that powered the Entire server). I prefer to create huge houses, but like to do it with others. I like to work with others, especially in Modded Minecraft, and enjoy the extra fun and experiences that a Server provides. I speak Chinese as well as English (First Language).
  18. phili2

    phili2 New Member

    • MC Username: phili92
    • Skype ID: PM'd you
    • Age (18+): 22
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Hybrid, i usually start with a tech mod and as soon as i reached a certain level i will start with some other mods
    • Experience with mods: I'm playing MC since Beta and my first mod experience was tekkit, since then i havent touched vanilla and played all the different FTB version + ResonantRise. While testing out different packages i got good experience with various mods, even though computercraft is still something i'll never get into :D
    • About Yourself: 22yo student from germany who loves playing MC in a small community. I have no problem in helping other members, building community projects or rescue someone from the nether, but seriously i guess i'm the normal modded minecraft player :)
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: Besides my experiences about different mods, i'm really into building bigger things with other members (community projects). But i can also have fun building my own base / projects and chilling in voip / chat.

      Looking forward to joining your server :)
  19. Koozman28

    Koozman28 New Member

    Server has updated to 1.5.1. Still accepting new members!
  20. BFranksta

    BFranksta New Member

    • MC Username: BFranksta
    • Skype ID: frank_bergje
    • Age (18+): 29
    • Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): I usually play tech
    • Experience with mods: I have played since MC was in beta first modpacks were tekkit after that i played direwolf packs madpack crashlanding AS 1 and 2 infinity a lot of them
    • About Yourself: Like to particpate in building and always in for some fun
    • What ideas/experiences/skills can you contribute to the server?: I'm easy going and like to help build stuff for everyone.

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