Open Server Kingdom Of Felshire Infinity 1.2.0 | Open To All! | No Banned Items | Towny

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Jul 29, 2019
Kingdom of Felshire is a new FTB Infinity 1.2 server looking for mature players!

As we're brand new, we're going to be changing things often in the first couple months. That may include adding more staff, or plugins, depending on what people like/want. Do not beg for an admin spot, as it will more than likely not happen because of that.

We currently have no items banned, though that could change. For now, it's up to you to use it responsibly, or risk being banned yourself!

Server IP:

Modpack is FTB Infinity 1.2. This means you need to manually SELECT 1.2 in the FTB launcher!

Server Rules:

  1. Make a town if you don't want your things stolen or messed with.
  2. No Stealing from player's plots (though that shouldn't be possible). You may steal from UNCLAIMED PLOTS ONLY
  3. Don't Use Exploits
  4. Don't Advertise
  5. Don't use hacks or unauthorized mods.
  6. Be respectful to other players
  7. No harassing players.
  8. No Duping allowed
  9. Listen to staff, we are only there to take care of you and the server.
  10. Don't craft machines that will lag the crap out of the server.
  11. It's just a game, remember that!
Website Address:
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