Keybounce's Overly Complicated Derp Streams: RoC and Realistic Fluids Overhaul (Finite flowing fluid

Discussion in 'Streamers' started by keybounce, May 29, 2014.

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    Update for 2017 (wow ...). This sunday, the 25th, the overkill server will play more Captive Minecraft 1, also known as "5 different playstyles forced into the same small set of blocks".

    If all goes well, I'll stream on both twitch and youtube. and starting at 1 pm pacific.

    If things die ... well, I'll see about keeping the youtube up if possible, or twitch only if not.

    Original original post follows.

    I will be giving live streaming a try, as some people seem to like it. I don't know how to stream, really; I normally record and edit.

    But if you want to see what happens in the stuff I don't show, then come and watch me ... be messy.
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    And, highlights for your amusement: "Dust in the Wind".

    Making a functional cobblegen, hammering away for gravel, sand, and dust, and then sifting all of that.

    Only to find that you only need to hammer gravel, and the others take a lot of time for very little gain. - cobblegen, second (functional) version. - Sifting 8 each of gravel, sand, and dust, comparing outputs. - Sifting gravel, with a skype viewer in chat to help out.
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    Once more, trying again, new microphone, new motherboard, a stress test.

    Either tomorrow (friday) morning, or saturday morning, around 9 am PDT (GMT+7), I'll be streaming and recording AgSkies.

    My current state: Fixing up (improvements to) the cobble gen, and then hammering for gravel to build a smeltery. (Yes, I'm just up to "I'm smelting".)

    But first ... Logging in tonight, I found myself the victim of a prank that turns out to be about two months in the preperation. So, I am covered with fish, and have to find my old stuff before I can do anything else.

    So I'll start with a de-pranking, and then go to improving cobble (and gravel), and then go to a smeltery.

    If, by any chance, I get some diamonds and emeralds, I'll try to start my first bit of automation.
  4. keybounce

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    Going live in about 10 minutes (10 am)
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    ** Jan 2015 update **
    Now using OBS for mac, for "better" streaming?

    I am still giving this a try. I don't know that it will make better quality stuff or not.
    However, I will be doing my next YouTube series with a twitch audience watching, to cheer me on, or to make suggestions, or ... otherwise be involved.

    Current project: Finishing up my Jampacked playthough. Right now, it is the "off-camera" cleanup and prep work. And, it's a test for streaming (for live feedback from the audience) and recording (for youtube publishing later)
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    Streaming, for those interested, debugging for Draco's "Reasonable Realism" aka "Hard Stuff".

    Plundered Land will resume "soon"
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    More streaming of "Reasonable Realism" -- hoping to finish the limonite and iron ores tonight. Planned starting at 7 pm pacific.
  8. keybounce

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    Streaming a jampack play testing. I am streaming, and recording, but doing nothing of importance.
    Feel free, please, to come and watch. Give advice, laugh at me, etc.

    I am not going through the portal; this will just be overworld shenanigans. The goal is to test the ability to record for youtube with editing/trimming, while still streaming for live interactions with viewers.
  9. keybounce

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    Well, the streaming went well enough. But the recording has horrendous time sync errors -- facecam, audio, and screen recording are all out of wack.

    Not sure how much I'll be doing this, or not.
    At the very least, I'll probably not try pause/resume, but a bunch of separate clips next time.
  10. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    Today at noon pacific, 3 eastern, ... something like 10 pm, I think, in finland (or was that 2 am ... did I get it wrong?), I'll try showing you what my editing sessions are like. After cleaning up the time sync, and removing the obvious "this is useless" junk, turning what's left into a 5-7 minute update.
  11. keybounce

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    More testing tonight:
    1. COG detection of biome heights.
    2. River placement of ores for Hard Stuff.
    3. If I have a chance: Swamp and jungle placement.
    4. If there's time: adjusting the new iron/gold motherlodes.

    Again, this is for Hardstuff (aka Harder wildlife, harder underground, and harder ores), from Draco.
  12. keybounce

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    ** March 2015 update **
    I will be doing regular, weekly streaming, most weekends. Specifically, saturdays, from about 2pm to 6pm, and again from 8:15 to 10:45.

    Upcoming schedule: March 7: Reasonable Realism aka Hard Stuff, pre-release beta test, from world start to finding a good iron vein.

    March 14: TBA, probably nether portal for Plundered Land.
  13. keybounce

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    So the 14th was also Reasonable Realism, and the 21st was a failure at making a nether portal ... I thought I could count :).

    28th will be the "This time for sure" nether portal.
  14. keybounce

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    Update: Now testing release candidate 2 for Reasonable Realism.
    New tonight: Weeds in farmlands (use carpets to protect as ground cover), hoes as tools to remove weeds without disturbing crops (and a use for stone/iron/diamond hoes over plain wood -- easier removal of weeds without disturbing crops).

    Bug fixes since last time:
    [x] WAILA for the snow-covered grass
    [x] Goat spawn egg colors
    [x] Update config comments
    [x] Fix snowy saplings not being tracked

    (Goats: Sheep-like creatures that live in mesa biomes, where there are no vanilla animals. Provides meat and wool.)
  15. keybounce

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    Tomorrow (april 11th), around 4 pm pacific, Jampacked 2 development. NB: May be delayed; stream will be after a board game.
  16. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    Streaming in about 10 minutes (feeding animals, installing updates)
  17. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    Now streaming: Semi-creative test of jampacked 2 play-through, "Apocalyptic Land". This is primarily a test of the timer aspect on the primary stronghold approach to victory.
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  19. keybounce

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    * July 4th update *
    I will be testing and experimenting with Mystcraft 0.12.0 today, and I will attempt to answer any questions people have on Mystcraft as best I know. (Including helping with age creation).

    Saturday streams will resume. General modded minecraft play.
    2 pm pacific stream time
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    So today, at 11:30 pacific, I'll be streaming a test world with Finite Flowing Water (Realistic Fluids Overhaul) and RotaryCraft.

    The goal: See if I can get RoC pumps to drive a Hydro engine when the water does NOT follow normal minecraft physics.

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