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Whitelist Server =*KAMIKRAFT*= [Whitelist|Ultimate Pack][Freebuild|Mature(17+)]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by kamikoopa, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Williamb1

    Williamb1 New Member

    when i try it says i have to be whitelisted
  2. fizzwizard

    fizzwizard New Member

    Age: 16
    IGN: fizzwizard
    Why do i want to join? to have fun with other feed the beasters
    What mod experience do u have? i am good with thaumcraft and buildcraft
    Have you read the rules? yes
    Are you willing to try new mods and help other when in need? yes and help with the server

    Skype: FizzWizardHD
  3. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood New Member

    Age: 18
    IGN: Gooblob
    Why do I want to join?: To have fun, build things, and learn the more complex aspects of the mods
    What mod experience do you have?: Plenty with IC2, some with Forestry and Buildcraft, fair amount with TE and ThaumCraft
    Have you read the rules?: Yes
    Are you willing to try new mods and help others when in need?: Sure, helping is good.

    Steam: Morrigi
  4. kamikoopa

    kamikoopa New Member

    Currently, applications are closed until Monday/Sunday until after server maintenance. Sorry folks![DOUBLEPOST=1364679516][/DOUBLEPOST]
    The teamspeak server is not whitelisted. Anyone should be able to join. Are you sure that you are not talking about the minecraft server? We require a few words with an admin/current member to verify that you are suitable for this server.[DOUBLEPOST=1364679639][/DOUBLEPOST]On a side note I was informed by Virezz that the teamspeak server was not up. It's up now. Sorry about that!
  5. KoCcY91

    KoCcY91 New Member

    Umm is the server down again? o_O

    And when i tried joining teamspeak it was still offline...
  6. kamikoopa

    kamikoopa New Member

    Applied Energistics had a bad config file. Its all good now thanks to Virrez and GigglesGasm. Thanks for letting me know!
  7. MynameisAK

    MynameisAK New Member

    Would explain why I've lost all my 16k cards... Along with the majority of my non farm based items...
  8. vankompresor

    vankompresor New Member

    AGE: 18
    IGN: vankompresor
    Why do you want to join KamiKraft? My brother play here and I would like to join
    What mod experience do you have? I played tekkit a while ago
    Have you read the rules? yes and i will obey them
    Are you willing to try new mods and help others when in need? offcourse
  9. Williamb1

    Williamb1 New Member

    your teamspeak and minecraft server are on the same server is team speak an ftb ultimate server or is it an application
  10. kamikoopa

    kamikoopa New Member

    Oh dear. Sorry to hear that. Let me help you retrieve those when I see you on the server![DOUBLEPOST=1364744147][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Check this website. http://www.teamspeak.com/
  11. kamikoopa

    kamikoopa New Member

    I know its a pain, but could you please just give me a list of stuff you need spawned so that you are back to square 1? Sorry about the hinderance. I'll get your stuff back asap. You can throw in some extra stuff that you would like to have that you think you would have built in the meantime that you were not able to. Thanks!
  12. Ashen92

    Ashen92 New Member

    Was the twilight forest config okay?
  13. kamikoopa

    kamikoopa New Member

    There was nothing wrong with the TWF config. Ill take care of any missing stuff tonight when I'm home.
  14. Celonic

    Celonic New Member

    AGE: 21
    IGN: Celonic
    Why do you want to join KamiKraft? Just looking for a mature server where i can have some fun. I find FTB boring in single player and i lose interest quickly, but with more people i know i can do alot to help.
    What mod experience do you have? Played FTB since beta, and been playing and modding minecraft since Alpha
    Have you read the rules? Yes
    Are you willing to try new mods and help others when in need? Totally, thats one of the reasons i would like to join the server. To help those who have less knowledge about the mods.
  15. kamikoopa

    kamikoopa New Member

    There will be server maintenance taking place today. If the server/teamspeak is down, that is because it is meant to be down. It should be up within the hour though.
  16. kamikoopa

    kamikoopa New Member

    I apologize but we are not currently taking in applications at the moment.
  17. Gigglegasm

    Gigglegasm New Member

    Yay giggle did something
    By the way after a few hours (mainly waiting for redstone to cook) the nexus is complete. Tiz awesome
  18. kamikoopa

    kamikoopa New Member

    Niice! Im currently trying to get the new server up so we will be running on a SSD. the server and teamspeak are up, but i have problems connecting to it for some reason. I can ssh and stuff so i dont think its a port forwarding problem. Im trying to figure it out. Sorry for the wait.
  19. Gigglegasm

    Gigglegasm New Member

    I connected to the TS for a bit there through it seemed it had all been reset to default
  20. kamikoopa

    kamikoopa New Member

    Wait? u were able to connect? I just restarted the server cuz I had trouble connecting. Maybe something to do with my router if everyone else can connect but me...

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