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Just Another World [FTB mod pack][whitelisted]

Discussion in '[OLD] SMP Server Promotion' started by Enolamron, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Enolamron

    Enolamron Active Member

    Server will be closing at the end of the month. Going to take a break from the server scene and let mods catch up. Once rp, ee and a few other mods are up and stable I will most likely start up a new server.

    ******Server is having crash issues http://pastebin.com/mHBQ14nf ******
    Temp fix, Thermal Expansion was removed.

    Banned players:
    minecraftbfhpro (griefing spawn)

    Hello, this is a small server running the ftb mod pack for 1.4.2.

    Mystcraft descriptive books are disabled. Only three worlds are made currently, two mining and a void. (Used the new mining for tin and copper. The old mining world may get removed.
    Gregs tech is enabled

    Don't be a douch
    Don't grief
    Don't Steal
    Don't build close to others unless you are working together and want to.
    Only one quarry per person (This may change if server struggles)
    Only one chunk loader per person.(Does not include a quarry, so one quarry and one loader allowed)

    Server info
    Up: 24/7 (unless it crashes)
    Host: Beastnode
    Plan: Zombie plan

    Application: ****Requires age 16+ due to not being a pg server.****
    16+ Age?:Y/N
    Agree to the rules?:Y/N
    A bit of info about you.:

    Current Whitelist:
    FTB related: Slowpoke101, Tahg, Pahimar, Florastar, LexManos, Mead, Nishtown, Forkk13, Mattabase, Jadedcat, Morvalaira, captainnana, direwolf20 (I know I am missing a lot. I will add more)
  2. KillerRamer

    KillerRamer Well-Known Member

    Helloooooo I'd love to be part of this server.

    16+ Age?:19
    Agree to the rules?:Yes inded
    A bit of info about you. I'm someone who has recently discovered this modpack. I'm familiar with a few mod's, buildcraft and IC2 but allot of the mod's are new to me. I have been following direwolf and his adventures on the smp map. I hope I can have just as much fun playing as I do watching all the crazy cool stuff he has built.
  3. BrickedKeyboard

    BrickedKeyboard Active Member

    Please talk about which items you are planning to disable, and what settings change you plan to make. Just like another well known modpack, FTB does not come balanced out of the box. (though it is a LOT closer)
  4. Enolamron

    Enolamron Active Member

    Only things changed is in my post already. Mystcraft and gregs
  5. Candybox1091

    Candybox1091 New Member

    IGN: Candybox1091
    16+ Age?: 19
    Agree to the rules?:Yes
    A bit of info about you.: well i'm a person who doesn't like to play minecraft alone alot anymore , and since this modpack just officially released there are barely servers , so i hope you give me the chance to experience this mod in multiplayer mode.

    i'm looking forward to play on your server , if you need to know anything more just ask me

  6. BrickedKeyboard

    BrickedKeyboard Active Member

    What have you done to Gregs? Some of the tweaks it makes are not enabled by default.
  7. Enolamron

    Enolamron Active Member

    What ever loads by default is what is on the server. I have not used gregs before so I am going to try it how it starts out.
  8. Tesmetron

    Tesmetron Member

    Hey Eno, I was wondering if you could add me to the whitelist. I was playing a bit over the last few days before launch when it was open.

    IGN: Tesmetron
    Age: 32
    Agree to the rules: Yes
    A bit about myself: Work in a book store. Been playing minecraft for a long time now. Hoping to play with some cool people.
  9. Enolamron

    Enolamron Active Member

    I'm not going to post every time I add someone, so just check the current whitelist at the top of the page to see if you were added.
  10. Axel4ever

    Axel4ever New Member

    IGN: Axel4ever
    Age: 21
    Agree to the rules: Sure :D
    A bit about me: I hate to play alone specially awesome mod packs so I would love if u whitelisted me :)
  11. Fafel

    Fafel New Member

    IGN Fafel_
    Age 24
    Agree to the rules: Yes
    A bit about myself: I`m looking for nice server with cool people to play together, because single player is not for me anymore. Hope to give me a chance playing with you at this server.
  12. Pandemoneus

    Pandemoneus Well-Known Member

    IGN: Pandemoneus
    16+ Age?: 22
    Agree to the rules?: Yes
    A bit of info about you.: Used to play Tekkit and I know those mods well. Still will have to get used to Forestry, GrekTech, etc.
  13. redglint

    redglint New Member

    IGN: Redglint
    Age: 25
    Agree to the rules:Yes
    A bit about me: Played A good amount of heavily modded single player minecraft. I've finally decided to give multiplayer A try. Looking forward to seeing how other people combine the various mod items.
  14. Mooseman9

    Mooseman9 Member

    IGN: Major_Creepist
    Age: 16
    Agree to the rules?: Yes, I wholly agree to the rules set forth.
    A bit of info about you: I have played on this server while it was an open server for Beta FTB. I would like to continue using this server.
  15. jlMaverick

    jlMaverick New Member

    IGN: Jlmaverick
    16+ Age?:Yes 23
    Agree to the rules?:Yes
    A bit of info about you.: I have been playing minecraft since beta and I enjoy all of the FTB mods. I am a friendly person to get along with and I can't wait to see if I can play on your server :)
  16. Jakie

    Jakie New Member

    IGN: fnaticl3oom
    16+ Age?: 17
    Agree to the rules?: for sure C:
    A bit of info about you.: I'm just a normal gamer who play different games C:
  17. JoeC2ed

    JoeC2ed New Member

    IGN: Armergthol
    16+ Age?: Yes, 25.
    Agree to the rules?: Yes I do.
    A bit of info about you.: Well I love to play Modded Minecraft and I love the FTB Mod pack, Been Watching DW20 for a few months now and fell in love with the Mods. I am Pretty well versed in the Mod Pack. I hope to See you guys in game :D
  18. Juiceball

    Juiceball Active Member

    IGN: juiceball (mind the small "j")
    16+ Age?: 17
    Agree to the rules?: Of course
    A bit of info about you.: I had been playing Technic for a very long time but i had been getting fed up with the lack of updates, the balancing they use, etc. So i started modding Minecraft myself, after much trial and error getting mods to work myself i stumbled across Direwolf20 and that led me to FTB :) i am excited to use this mod and i know more than enough about all the mods used
  19. Weras57

    Weras57 Active Member

    IGN: weras57
    16+ Age?:Y 17
    Agree to the rules?: Yes, i agree to them
    A bit of info about you.: Playing mods since 1.8, ever first saw FTB map i just had to play it and that's all i think
  20. omri100

    omri100 New Member

    16+ Age?:Y/N Y 17.5
    Agree to the rules?:Y/N y
    A bit of info about you.: Played with you in the old pack, thought to try again

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