Closed Jetpack and Date/Time overlap

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Summary of the problem Jetpack and Date/Time overlap

Pack Version 1.0.1

What is the bug? if wearing a simply jetpacks 2 jetpack then the fuel amount and date and time overlap making them unreadable. dont know what mod the day and time is from and dont know if its possible to move them myself.

Mod & Version Simply Jetpacks 2

Link to log file Doesnt need one.

Is it repeatable? Yes. Just put on a jetpack

Known Fix Dont use a jetpack?


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Jul 29, 2019
You can adjust the location of either of the GUI, the simple one is find in the mod options menu check for simply jetpacks, and somewhere there's an option to change the position of the GUI for the jetpack, I put it bottom left instead of top right cause I use my own version of the thing that gives you the time, took so much time to customize it, just the time there isn't enough for me.
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