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Whitelist Server Jemands Infinity Server 1.4.1| Mature & Friendly Community | No lag, 6 GB Ram! | Only a few rules :)

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by jemand, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. VerdantDragon

    VerdantDragon New Member

    He seemed fine for a while, then just... acted completely like a kid when he got a little bit of good armor and stuff.... then proceded to complain to the entire server about something that could be handled personally...
  2. chrisj165

    chrisj165 New Member

    Your Name: Chris
    Ingame name: chrisj165
    AGE: 22
    where are you from: United Kingdom.
    why do you want to join?: prefer smaller communities and also have two games running at once, being on a server takes some of the performance hit away, also just looking to play again, it's been over a year since i last played properly.
    Skype: i can pm you my skype
  3. cpfuzzy

    cpfuzzy Active Member

    Sent you a PM, hopefully you can look at it :)
  4. Glaciem_Draco

    Glaciem_Draco New Member

    Oh really
    Thats complete bullshit and you know it You were lying to me even tho you keep complaining about how you hate liars You lied to me "Oh im not killing the dragons" And then you come back in full draconium armor with a battlestaff... Sure your not doing anything You are the one lying to me and acting like a complete douchebag so dont even try...
  5. Amadara

    Amadara New Member

    Name: Amanda
    IGN: Amadara
    Age: 29
    From: Singapore
    Why: I would like to join a Mature & Friendly Community
    Skype: Will PM if needed
  6. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Forum Addict Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    Chill. This is not the place for that.
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  7. cpfuzzy

    cpfuzzy Active Member

    Server seemed to crash.
  8. Teklow82

    Teklow82 New Member

    I noticed that also LOL
  9. WarbossZogwort

    WarbossZogwort New Member

    IRL Name : Michael
    IGN : WarbossThraka
    AGE : 17
    COUNTRY : United States

    why do i want to join: because you have a server and i would like to play on it man
  10. Speed IMG

    Speed IMG New Member

    Name: Johnny
    IGN: TehKnight117
    Age: 16
    Country: United States
    Why do I want to join? I have been looking for an active server with a friendly community. I would also like to continue playing FTB Infinity as a previous server closed due to no one playing consistently due to exams coming up.
    Skype: shamil1187
  11. NoLuckJustSkill

    NoLuckJustSkill New Member

    Your Name: I keep that private, sorry.
    In-game name: NoLuckJustSkill
    Age: 16
    Where are you from: South U.S.
    Why do you want to join?: I just want to join a small server with a nice community.
    Skype: immortal.designs
  12. DerpyNinja

    DerpyNinja New Member

    Your name; Luke
    IGN; DerpyNinja_
    Age; 16 on May 23rd
    Where are you from; UK
    Why wou want to join; Looking for a friendly modded community
    Skype; nowak.wioletta
  13. Teklow82

    Teklow82 New Member

    say's im not whitelisted anymore something goof up?
  14. Glaciem_Draco

    Glaciem_Draco New Member

    Same for me o_O
  15. VerdantDragon

    VerdantDragon New Member

    Yeah, Server seems to have Unwhitelisted a few people.. any ideas on when it will be fixed?
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  16. VerdantDragon

    VerdantDragon New Member

    You like the fact that the server unwhitelisted people Glaciem_Draco? you evil, evil person..
  17. MidnightMurderer

    MidnightMurderer New Member

    Name: Paul
    In-game Name: MidnightMurderer
    Age: 25
    Country: Switzerland
    Why do I want to join: I have been playing on my own FTB Infinity server for a while now and I would like to play with other people instead of continuing on my own. I would prefer to play with a small group of people that play regularly so the server and my own creations do not become a wasteland. I also think playing with others regularly is a lot more enjoyable and makes for a most memorable experience. That is why i would like to play with you.
    Skype: Will PM you
  18. PastorBones

    PastorBones New Member


    First the world gets corrupted and everything gone...but ya know, I liked the community and the lag never was that bad. So, I started over...I'm gone for like 3 fkn days and you un-whitelist me?

    Don't apply, this owner has no clue...
  19. DeceptiveCrEeD

    DeceptiveCrEeD New Member

    Everyone seems to be un-whitelisted, server issue.
  20. VerdantDragon

    VerdantDragon New Member

    So... anyone up for starting a Skype Group for the server? i feel like it might help more than just posting on FTB's Forums, and be a bit faster
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