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Jul 29, 2019
I feel like I can hardly be considered part of the community when I only exclusively play one modpack ;w;
Once I got the hang of using the curse client for minecraft though, things do actually feel a lot easier. I've never played a minecraft version later than 1.7.10 though.


I'm so excited for ftb Infinity Beyond!!! I am playing ftb infinity lite and it's not as cool as evolved was becuase expert mode was a challenge


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Jul 29, 2019
I'd be nice if they updated Infinity lite's Mods to fix the huge bugs that are currently 1.5.1 Updating RFTools & Immersive Engineering would fix most of these issues as both of these mods are the main reason most servers keep crashing


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Jan 24, 2017
I am loving it, good job so far. Some minor issues (e.g. OreExavator randomly activating on non-US keyboards) but overall very enjoyable. :)


Hi everyone! I've problem with skyfactory 3.
It crashes after 2 seconds I enter the game, it occurred in the error "fatal crash.... exc."
Some advice?


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Aug 20, 2012
Hi everyone! I've problem with skyfactory 3.
It crashes after 2 seconds I enter the game, it occurred in the error "fatal crash.... exc."
Some advice?

Go to the tech support part of the forum. Read the sticky thread. If that doesn't apply to you then click the create support request button and make a new thread


Glad to see some major movement regarding 1.10 AAA packs. (FTB Beyond). Pretty excited to add it to our network soon.
Hopefully with this 1.10/1.11 release, these 1.7.10 servers will die out as fast as possible to let mod devs focus on latest mc releases.


Modpack News

In collaboration with BaconDonut and Darkosto, we released Skyfactory 3 for minecraft 1.10.

Last month we wrote that a new pack, FTB Evolved, was being developed. The choice of name, a throwback to our 1.7 pack, was a bit controversial.

Back when we released the original FTB Infinity, we hoped to use it a flagship pack, a well known name we could keep across minecraft versions. The numerous changes in modded minecraft between 1.7 and 1.10 made the new packs too different to stick with the Infinity name. We tried keeping some connection to the old pack with the "Infinity Lite" and "Evolved" names, but after all the feedback we've decided to scrap the idea.

We're pleased to officially announce FTB Beyond. We're still working on it, fixing up some bugs and waiting for a few more mods to release, but we're hoping for a release in the next month or two.

FTB One Community Applications

We've received a fantastic response to the call for applications to join our Content Creator Community. We're sifting through and sorting all the applications but it is going to take some time so please bear with us! We should be in a position to do a batch of invites in the next week or so.

Content Creator

This month's featured content creator is WeAllPlayCast. WeAllPlayCast consists of Rajacent and Hermyone. They dual stream weeknights at 8:30PM EST.

When I try to Launch this.. It gets stuck loading and then crashes java.... I kept console on one time and this came up

Henry Link

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Dec 23, 2012
USA - East Coast
@AwesomeAgent10 You really shouldn't be asking for technical help here. There are other places to do that. If you continue to have issues please use the links for support at the top of the forums.

That said your crash is probably due to not enough ram allocated. The log you posted indicates that only 2GB is assigned to run the pack. This pack is best between 4 to 6 GB (personally I use about 5GB). But next time please open your own thread rather than hijack somebody else's.
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I would like to make one suggestion -- and I'm not quite sure why it was left out of the progression considering 'merely having octuple compressed cobblestone' counts.

"Infuse a Terra Shatterer up to SS level. " should definitely be added in the achievement progression book after slaying the Gaia Guardian II...

I mean, what else are you going to use all that mana for that's gathering dust around while you do the rest of the various trees? :)

Even if the only place you'll get to see it work is in the Beneath, it's still worth seeing that thing happen especially when it works without vein-miner.