Jampacked Update. Where are the results?

Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by slowpoke, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. slowpoke

    slowpoke FTB Founder Team Member FTB Founder

    I know everyone has waited patiently for the results of Jampacked so I want to make a quick explanation of the reason for the big delay. The initial delay was down to Pax Prime and then as sson as we returned we carried on judging the packs. Up until a couple of days ago, I actually thought we had the winner picked out for the individual entry but then I found out a piece of information which removed a negative mark that was issued to one of the packs. Then even worse one of our other judges came back and we were placed in a position where we are now in a 3 way tie for the winner.

    Due to the nature of the prize, I would rather us take a bit of extra time rather than rush out the winner. So we have now decided to push this into a 2nd round of judging and have brought in an extra judge to make the deciding call. This person has asked for 2 days per pack so they can get a good idea and the plan is to announce the winner for this next Sunday 28 Sept.

    Moving onto the team prizes, this was the area that also caused a big delay as well. Given the nature of the entries, it has been an extremely difficult task to pick a winner without just randomly picking a team. Right now my instinct is to relaunch the competition and make it for 1.7 packs however this will be dependant on whether there are any objections from the current team entries (We will be messaging each of the teams to get their feedback on this.)

    I want to finish this particular note by making a quick observation. The entries we received were of all standards. Some were not great, others were unfinished and others had great potential. However there were several packs that were stand out exceptional and have made judging this a lot more difficult than I ever anticipated. One thing is for sure, although I will make sure we plan it better and try to ensure we don't have another huge event right in the middle of judging, I definitely want to do this again.

    Please accept my apologies for the delays, we will try to get results as soon as possible.
  2. Rongmario

    Rongmario Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    I have already created one on 1.7, would that count if I submit that? .-.
  3. Lumaceon

    Lumaceon Popular Member

    This makes me happy. I'm also extremely curious about the removed negative mark...
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  4. Strikingwolf

    Strikingwolf Philosopher and Programmer FTB Mod Dev

    I think I can guess the three packs *whistles suspiciously*
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  5. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds

    my guesses.
    Running Red
    Crafting paradise
    Material energy^3
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  6. SnowShock35

    SnowShock35 FTB Pack Developer Team Member FTB Pack Developer

    Nice to hear there will be another one I have a plan already although I imagine it will be a while before then so it might be taken by that time. Anyways thanks for doing this competition it was really neat Idea although a lot of the entries were poorly made in the time they had there were still some really cools ones such as @Gideonseymour 's Running Red and MatieralEnergy^3 (didn't see any others good ones ) Although It wont be in the competition I will have a pack out soon really excited to see peoples opinions and such on it are, I have spent about a month on it and its going good and nearly done. :)
  7. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    Why not split the computer in three parts? Kappa

    My guesses are:
    Material Energy ^ 3
    Running Red

    And just curious: A negative mark? Will you be telling us what points were taken off for and such?
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  8. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds

    i have not heard of this "blightfall" must investigate....
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  9. WayofTime

    WayofTime Blood Magic Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Running Red, ME^3, and Crash Landing are my guesses.
  10. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds

    i don't think crash landing is a jampacked pack. (iirc)
  11. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    It was submitted, but there will be major points off for having more than a month for it.
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  12. Lumaceon

    Lumaceon Popular Member

    If I recall correctly, Iskandar submitted it to JamPacked, but it lost some points due to having been in development for months previously.

    Edit: ninjas.
  13. Kill-Joy

    Kill-Joy Well-Known Member

    Why was this line removed?
  14. Talonos

    Talonos Active Member

    Blightfall is my team's pack. I haven't posted it anywhere publicly. That being said, I've been working on it off and on since submitting it, and it's in a much better state than when I submitted it for judging. Where did you hear of it? I'd be really interested to know!

    I would be okay switching it to a 1.7 pack, given... time. My university's game design competition is in crunch mode right now, and I wouldn't be able to give a modpack a ton of time before the 30th. Updating a pack to 1.7 might be a bit of work, especially given that we'd need to re-do all the custom structures, but it'd probably be worth it. I think all the mods I used are 1.7.10 compatible...
  15. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

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  16. Talonos

    Talonos Active Member

    Lol. Yep. When I said "not public", I suppose I meant "Not publicized." I put that up so some of my classmates could access it. Never thought people here would find it...

    <quietly takes it down>
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  17. jroefk9

    jroefk9 Active Member

    Material energy^3, running red, and crafting paradise are all up there and are probably tied for first however in each map I've noticed flaws. They end up all canceling each other out and they are all good maps.
  18. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    I enjoyed that pack.
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  19. Talonos

    Talonos Active Member

    It'll be back. :)

    I've been lurking on these forums for about three months, and I respect you, GideonSeymour. If you liked it, that means it has redeeming features. If it has redeeming features, that's reason enough for me to work on it. 'nuff said.

    If it doesn't win, I'll submit it to the FTB team to see if it can be a featured pack.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. It's amazing what those four words can do for our morale.
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  20. Strikingwolf

    Strikingwolf Philosopher and Programmer FTB Mod Dev

    If you like Gideon you probably know the PT...right...RIGHT!

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