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Discussion in 'FTB Revelation' started by Kronosz, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Summary of the problem Item duplication (800k nether quartz)

    Pack Version 1.12.2

    What is the bug? Every time when i try to auto craft a reborn storage part in refined storage, i get a very big amount of resource. Like iron, redstone, nether quartz. I have like 800k quartz.

    Right now if i want +100k quartz i just start a 16384k storage part autocraft procedure and just stop it. It happens instantly.

    Mod & Version reborn storage and refined storage

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? yes, it happens every time. its kinda hard to write down everything cuz there is too many things that happens while i auto craft, but that only happened with the reborn storage auto craft. There is thermal expansion and ender io blocks connected to the system.

    Known Fix
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  2. Kronosz

    Kronosz Guest

    update 1: it happens with other auto craft too. Im looking for the bugged manchine.
  3. Kronosz

    Kronosz Guest

    update 2: i tried to auto craft 1000 1k storage part and cancel it. It happened agen. 950k nether quartz.
  4. Kronosz

    Kronosz Guest

    update 3: i tried to craft 100 Resonant Conversion kit aaaaaand the server crashed................................agen. thats like a daily routine for me. And thats not even my server xD. Sorry i cannot get any useful information. I think the bug is in the refined storage mod.
  5. 1. Wow that can break the modpack
    2. Use the edit feature for the original post
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