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    This original post was found on reddit here:

    Hey guys! It has been quite some time before I have made a post! I have been elbow-deep in course work and various other activities, however I feel it is fair that I give an update on where I have been and my next project.

    As I briefly explained, I started my first year of college (boo freshman) nearly a month ago and have been fairly busy with my courses and such that I haven't been able to spend as much time on my current and next pack(s). But have no fear! I am starting to become active once again, I have made a few QOL updates to Hubris and Banished, and will continue to support and maintain those packs when major issues or updates arrive. It might just take me a little bit longer now!

    I am posting this because I seek out the communities input and advice. As always, it is the community that dictates what changes I make to my pack, and I continue to draw on niche styled packs in an attempt to broaden the area in which we as a community can create mod packs.

    Without further self-plugging, here is my next planned pack!


    The pack follows a heavy industrial setting with a snag of realism(mods such as BuildCraft and Immersive Engineering), light magic mods (Botania) and of course, some adventuring and combat (mods such as Ancient Warfare and other dungeon/exploration mods.) The goal is to provide an immersive experience while being realistic, no magical flying rings or magical quarries that exchange ore for dirt at a cost of power. Oh, and no infinite power. The world is entirely ocean with biome-specific islands scattered about. Civilization is only found in map constructed island villages. The player will be able to choose a plundering or trading life style entirely based around ships and ship construction.


    The inspiration from the pack comes from the old game Tradewinds with an adventuring under tone. Tradewinds is about building up an empire of wealth and money through trading (or plundering) the local cities and island towns. I drew my inspiration from the simplicity and semi-historical significance that the game itself draws on, and I aim to provide an experience similar to that game's simplistic design.

    How it starts:

    The player is an adventurer who has set out to make their fortune and fame that the mainland can no longer provide. The player starts on a movable boat(with the Ships mod) and is directed through the quest book to a local island town. From there the player is instructed on how the world will work.

    • Parts of the map are premade, the rest is random genned.
    • The pack is industrial based, yet is uniquely progress-capped - explained later
    • Each biome only holds certain types of ores
    • Each island city has a different theme and purpose. Some may value oil and food while others may desire ores and metals.
    • Travel is entirely based on self-made boats and ocean travel to reach new areas and destinations. There is no fast traveling, if you want to reach that island, you have to sail there.
    • The entire world is islands.
    • Some islands hold dungeons and Ancient Warfare buildings.
    • It will be designed to fit two play styles. Are you a pirate or are you a merchant?
    • The weather mod adds a unique layer of depth to the dangers of travel. It would be a shame to lose your entire livelihood from a tornado or hurricane, wouldn't it?

    Mod progression is entirely based on trading with the AI and resource gathering. Items are scaled and purchased from the AI in order, based on their automation value or complexity. Items such as a quarry, pump or robot. Each AI accepts different items in exchange for money, and each AI grants different trades on differing islands and times.

    Quest Book Implementation:

    The quest book exists to guide the player to the next village when ready. It also serves to help the player not get "stuck" in what they are supposed to do. The quest book will become more of a guide book, and the objective is to enjoy the game outside of the quest book, rather than competing with yourself to hit that 100% mark.

    As always, ask me anything! Jot down your random thoughts, what you envision this pack as, how you feel! Like it? Hate it? I want to hear!
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    Any idea when we'll be seeing some kind of beta or something? I've been watching for this pack since the Reddit post and even if I myself don't get into the beta I'd love to see a play through or something because this pack looks AMAZING!
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    Development is currently on hold. I am extremely busy with school and I am waiting on a few mods to update that are crucial to the pack.
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    I completely understand but I will definitely be waiting for this! If you don't mind me asking where do you go to school?
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    I attend the University of Oklahoma and am majoring in Computer Science.
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    So excited for this!
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