Introducing Sphax Unleashed 128X texturepack

Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by 0mega420, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. 0mega420

    0mega420 New Member

    Ok so i know alot of people are dying to get there hands on this, so ill make this quick and edit and change file hosts and update this thread as i go. i spent the last 12 hours putting this together, note i am not the artist just the guy who threw this together. some texture packs are still a WIP and some are still in 1.4.7 and needs converting. also this modpack is new and there are still textures missing on them mods too. BUT for the most part this is about 80% finished. anyway on to the file..........

    (No links without permission. Also, please link and cite Sphax distribution and how you're in compliance with it. --Vauthil) ok ill get right on that

    Here are some Photos i gathered real fast ill get better later, and I cant figure how to do that spoiler thing to keep the post short sorry.


    Here is a list of Mods i could find the texture packs for and will update with credits in a short while

    Advanced Power Management
    Advanced SolarPanels
    Applied Energistics
    Biblio Craft
    Binnies Mods
    Charge Pads
    Chicken Chunks
    Compact Solars
    Ender Storage
    Equivalent Exchange3
    Mine Factory Reloaded
    Misc Peripherals
    Modular PowerSuits
    Nuclear Control
    Omni Tools
    Plugins For Forestry
    Xenos Reliquary

    Note this Texture pack is still getting updated, but only as the creators of each modpack updates.
  2. matagin

    matagin New Member

    Awesome! Thank you! I am trying it out now.
  3. RedBoss

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  4. Vauthil

    Vauthil New Member

    1) and other monetized links are a no-no without clearance. Rule #9 of the forums.
    2) As noted, please also include information on your compliance with Sphax's distribution policy.
  5. Thraxx

    Thraxx New Member

    Where is the download?
  6. 0mega420

    0mega420 New Member

    its on hold so i can "please link and cite Sphax distribution and how you're in compliance with it." and sphax admins still need to review the thing now....
  7. reddvilzz

    reddvilzz New Member

    Can you make the 32x and 64x version? My laptop can't handle the 128x :(

    And i really want to use the updated sphax. Since in the original thread the 1.5.2 aren't that updated
  8. luxury

    luxury New Member

    Hey red it is possible to downgrade the textures yourself it just might take a few hours, I've done it with another pack but my isp gives me TERRIBLE upload speeds sorry. So if you want to try it for yourself I'd recommend The gimp 2.0 a free image editing software and very powerful.
  9. reddvilzz

    reddvilzz New Member

    Well i don't have that time. Because right now i am working and i finish work at 7pm. Which give me less time to actually downgrade everything down

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  10. 0mega420

    0mega420 New Member

    yeah sorry guys i havent had to time to go though this texture pack and legalize it, or what ever. when i created it i did 1 little thing wrong and it made sphax kind of mad so he wont approve, also im working on getting it 64x64 as well so more people can use it. when all is ready i will update my OP
  11. xSINZx

    xSINZx New Member

    <-Is another Sphax Fan! Been doing the same even to the point where I am Starting to Cut/Paste files from Thaumcraft into a texture file from the ss_world.png
    Dartcraft another on hold waiting for people to Do textures. Problem is the Texture Guys/Gals cant keep up with the changes. Then we all sit around waiting for very busy people to do the Texture Packs.
    Copyright this copy right that.....
    If you post a link to each mod with textures to the BDCraft website you should be good....
    I Dl'ed everthing I could from this one... Some not 1.5.2 compatible
    Then started downloading WIP's. Stay away from the 64x FTB pack its buggy as.
  12. luxury

    luxury New Member

    Would the texture pack work if all the mod textures were just dragged and dropped into the base sphax texture pack, assuming all the sprites are of the same resolution or would that totally shit itself when using it in FTB?
  13. Sheeep

    Sheeep New Member

    Niceeee <3
  14. Austin311

    Austin311 New Member

    So uhm.... Any word? Because I'm tired of playing the new FTB with the default Minecraft TP. It's so dull....
  15. 0mega420

    0mega420 New Member

    yeah just head over to sphax there is a 64 and 128 out
  16. Austin311

    Austin311 New Member

    Awesome, Thank you. :D
  17. phantek

    phantek New Member

    can i have the textyute pack link
  18. Johnny_Acks

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  19. Yosomith

    Yosomith New Member

    that second link is useless as the thread is locked
  20. epicninja

    epicninja New Member

    Irrelevant, the download link is there.

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