Introducing JamPacked

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    Introducing JamPacked

    After the amazing success of Mod-Jam, I started to talk about doing something similar aimed at modpack creators and mapmakers. But I was never quite clear exactly what sort of format I wanted to follow. However with the recent introduction of the amzing Hardcore Questing Mode which is at the heart of the Agrarian Skies Modpack and map, the answer became easy. So starting today we are opening up the very first Jam-Packed.

    The goal of JamPacked is for people to create a modpack and map designed to work together. With regards to the modpack, the only required mod is the Hardcore Questing Mod (you can find the mod at which will be the focus of your modpack and map. The only exception to this is the mods you use must either be already open for all to use in modpacks (ie open source) or you must gain permission to use the mod in your pack if it is not open source. Beyond that, you can use any mods that you wish to in your pack and there are no restriction on the design of your maps.

    What we are looking for is creativity, originality and stability in your modpacks and maps. In order to help give you the time to complete this we will be running this competition right throughout July. So pack submissions are due at end of July, this will either be via the forums or directly through the FTB Website. More details will be confirmed over the next couple of weeks with regards to this. There will also be a section opened in the forums for Questions and Answers etc.

    Of course you cant have a competition without a prize or two and thanks to our sponsors at CreeperHost and Curse, we are going to have some amazing prizes up for grabs. We are going to seperate this event into 2 sections, the first will be the team event which is going to be sponsored by Curse. For this event we are targetting teams of 3 people. We plan to have 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes (exact details will come in the next week or two). Each team will be eligible to receive up to 3 of each prize. the second event will be the individual event. This is aimed primarily at individuals. For this event there is going to be a full on custom built PC Gaming Rig for the winner. This rig is going to be handbuilt at the upcoming Minethon event live from the Creeperhost offices. Unfortunately as with all things there is a catch, Whilst we can accept entries from anyone, due to legal restrictions only residents of the following countries can be eligible to receive a prize.

    - Australia

    - New Zealand

    - UK

    - Germany

    - France

    - US

    At this moment in time there is no way we can get around this restriction.

    Formal terms and conditions will be posted in the next couple of days as we make sure we cover everything, however for right now this is an outline of what they will be.

    Competition is not open to employees, relatives or members of FTB, Curse or Creeperhost.
    Pack and Modpack submission must be made by 11:59pm UTC on the 31st July 2014
    All maps and modpacks must be your own work (the FTB Universal config may be used as a basis for your packs)
    By submitting your modpack and map, you agree that moth the modpack and map may be hosted and distributed by both FTB and Curse. As a modpack creator, you will be responsible for ensuring you have any 3rd party permissions that you may need (proof of closed source mod permissions will be required).
    Whist there will be community involvement in the judging process. The final judging will be done by a panel consisting of members of FTB, Creeperhost and Curse.
    Whilst there is no specific rules with regards to how many people work on each project, The individual event will have 1 of each prize and the Team event will have 3 of each prize.

    As this is a totally new competition with some awesome prizes on the line, it is impossible to guage how much interest there will be, so if we need to adjust any of the rules, these will be announced via the website and the FTB twitter feed.

    For right now I will leave this thread open for questions etc and clarify as much as I can in the original post so keep checking back for edits. Remember this is the first time we have tried anything like this, so if it doesn't go perfectly then sorry :p.


    Ill come through and answer as many questions as I can tomorrow, but I will go over the basic ones that have come up, yes we are looking for a map and a modpack. Unless you can figure out a really good way to use the Hardcore Questing Mod without a map.

    The packs are to be build using Minecraft 1.6.4.

    All people and teams will retain ownership of their respective maps etc. Therefore you can release it whenever you choose.

    Existing maps and modpacks can be used as long as they belong to the person that enters.

    The list of countries is the one I was given, sorry we cannot go beyond that. I am going to get a clarification but I believe the rule is that the winning people must all be residents of the respective countries.

    With regard to mod permissions and open source mods, the idea is that you must meet any requirements of each individual mods license. If the mod is open source, but the mod author asks that you let them know that you are using the mod, then thats what you need to do.

    As of this moment I cannot think of any mod you are not allowed to use as long as you have the needed permissions.

    We dont have exact specs or details of the prizes yet. However the Gaming rig is pretty high end, and the bundles are all decent.


    With regards to the profit question. This isn't an issue, there are plenty of people already indirectly profitting off mods. Youtubers doing spotlights, streamers, mod pack launchers, the list goes on. In all my time I have only ever had one mod creator who had a problem with this and that was over a year ago and I have never encountered an open sourced mod that had a problem with this type of profitting.

    Where mod authors have an issue is when you directly profit off a mod. This mean you cannot put access to the mod behind an artificial paywall like adfly or something similar.

    List of pack making tools and helpful mods:
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  2. Scott Wears

    Scott Wears New Member

    This Looks amazing I cant wait to see the uses of HQM and I'm humbled that its being used in this way <3

    Edit: I just wanted to edit this post since I noticed allot of people asking about the functionality of HQM the best place to get this is HERE its a playlist of update video's which demo's the functions , if you need any further help please feel free to jump into our irc channel #hqm on esper ( or tweet us and we will help where we can
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  3. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    Yeah this looks awesome, Good luck to everyone who enters.
  4. BURN447

    BURN447 New Member

    I would totally compete in this but i'm already working on a pack with some friends. When will the competition start? Also we have a pack on our subreddit (
  5. Landstryder

    Landstryder New Member

    This is awesome. I'll defiantly be entering something.
  6. Tristan1301

    Tristan1301 New Member

    This sounds like an amazing idea. I know there are a lot of pack makers out there with a lot of great and unique ideas. Let's hope this gets enough attention.
  7. momnop

    momnop New Member

    This definitely interests me. Expect to see an entry from me :D
  8. slowpoke

    slowpoke Administrator FTB Founder

    It starts today :p
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  9. momnop

    momnop New Member

    I have a question however, are we allowed to make mini-mods ourselves to include in the modpacks?

    I happen to be a modder as well, but I also make modpacks sometimes.
  10. das Kashi

    das Kashi New Member

    So ... that means the packs have to be 1.6.4?!
    Wouldn't it have been somewhat smarter to wait for a 1.7.10 release of HQM to support the ongoing advance to 1.7? But that'd be to late since people will start now anyway. ^_^

    Have fun everyone, I think I'm way to uncreative to think of a decent setting sadly.
  11. slowpoke

    slowpoke Administrator FTB Founder

    Yes you can make custom mods for this. It is confirmed that this is 1.6.4 only.
  12. Helpinghand97

    Helpinghand97 New Member

    I have a question how do we know if the modpack is stable
  13. slowpoke

    slowpoke Administrator FTB Founder

    it doesnt crash every 5 minutes?
  14. Skvapter

    Skvapter New Member

    According to my calculations, you are indeed, a genius.
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  15. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    I'll be interested to see what people come up with. ;)
  16. Helpinghand97

    Helpinghand97 New Member

    Does that also include like lag and memory leak?
  17. Gamingmaster01

    Gamingmaster01 New Member

    how do I make said modpack, do u guys have a type of program that would make it easier to install the mods
  18. michagogo

    michagogo New Member

    Being open for anyone to use in modpacks and being open source are two, orthogonal things. Saying "ie open source", which expands to "That is, open source" (i.e. == id est (latin) == that is) implies that being open source means being free (as in speech) and/or that being free means being open source, which isn't the case. There are plenty of mods, such as HQM, that are free for anyone to use without being open source, and there may also be mods that are open source, without being free for anyone to use and distribute. I mean, there are different definitions of open source. Some people's definition of open source includes being free for use, distribution, et cetera, but being open source can also mean simply that the source code is available for inspection. That second part is probably not very common though, so you could probably get away with just changing it from "ie" to "e.g.". Also, would you like me (or someone) to go through and highlight all your assorted spelling mistakes?
  19. Gamingmaster01

    Gamingmaster01 New Member

    If something is open source its free, if they don't allow code release and have something stopping you from accessing code, you have to ask
  20. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Visible source and open source are two very different things that you are confusing to be the same.

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