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Whitelist Server Intrinity SMP | DW20 1.7.10 | Nice, trustworthy community

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Tralion, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Tralion

    Tralion New Member

    Hello, I am Tralion. I have a simple little server called intrinity. There are a few members already, but I just got my server switched to DW20 1.7 and am looking to get some more active, awesome members!

    Here are the requirements for joining:

    -Have a skype, we like to use a group IM
    -Be nice
    -Do not steal/grief/raid etc.
    -Be active, if you are going away for a bit please let us know in advance so we don't wonder why you dissapeared!
    -Have fun :)

    Here's a bit more info about the server- It is just Direwolf20 1.7. No plugins, no extra mods. It is using a Biomes OP world. The map is brand new, untouched. We will have a spawn town. You can live anywhere you want, just maybe not to close to spawn :)

    If you need any more info, add me on skype- trevor.bollinger165

    Here's the application template- Send the app to me on skype- trevor.bollinger165 (or here if you really need to, but skype is required :)

    Would you make a good addition to this server and why:
    How often will you play:

    I might add more to the app later, if you already answer these and submit it, you don't need to add the new questions but it would be nice if you could :)

    EDIT: Alright guys I've got alot of people! Glad to see people are interested in my server :D
    I think that's gonna be enough members. for now
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2014
  2. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek New Member

    Age: 24
    IGN: LegitNeek
    Would you make a good addition to this server and why: Of course I would. I am from the UK (England specifically) and I'm quite experienced with the majority of mods in the pack (one or two I have not had time to play with). I have no problems being asked questions about the mods as I feel that knowledge hoarded is knowledge lost. New players and seasoned vets alike, as long as the community is filled with genuine people with a love for modded MC who will push themselves to the brink of insanity just to get an automated ore processing system in place, we can do wonders.
    How often will you play: Daily, after work.
  3. shadowed420

    shadowed420 New Member

    Would you make a good addition to this server and why:i learn fast and am willing to teach and have never been on a server that i have not been a good addition too
    How often will you play:Whenever im bored(which is often) and
  4. Tralion

    Tralion New Member

    Hey guys, you've been accepted! Welcome to Intrinity :)
    Would you guys mind to PM me your skype names, so I can add you to the group chat? that's where we all communicate and I'll announce when the server opens there.
  5. Yammar256

    Yammar256 New Member

    Would you make a good addition to this server and why: I feel like I would ive been playing direwolf20 packs since 1.5 I believe im good at doing automation but suck with the thaumcraft and magic stuff im friendly and have no problem sitting on Skype with you all
    How often will you play: well I juggle games a lot but but since its a server ill probably log in daily just to check on this if anything but ill be playing often‏
  6. seongmin kang

    seongmin kang New Member

    Would you make a good addition to this server and why: i can bring a knowledge of most mods and a friendly person that can help out people anytime.
    How often will you play: pretty much everyday :D
  7. karelmikie3

    karelmikie3 New Member

    Age: 14
    IGN: karelmikie3
    Would you make a good addition to this server and why: I am a friendly person and I know alot about all the mods in the direwolf20 pack.
    How often will you play: Any time that I can.
  8. demoncress

    demoncress New Member

    IGN: demoncress
    Would you make a good addition to this server and why:i would like to play and share cool experiences with a small community while learning more about the mods. I think im a good builder and i also would help as much as possible
    How often will you play: 2 -3 hours every other day
  9. MetaTone

    MetaTone New Member

    Age: 16
    IGN: NinjaX11
    Would you make a good addition to this server and why: Since I am easy to get along with and enjoy playing with others on Minecraft
    How often will you play: Depends how my schedule is for the day but for a rough estimate about 2-4 hours a day
  10. Tralion

    Tralion New Member

    Hey, you've all been accepted! If you could PM me your skype names or add me on skype (trevor.bollinger165) i'll get you onto the server :)
  11. Jack0928PC

    Jack0928PC New Member

    I hope you dont mind if I use my own application form:

    Application Form:

    Name: Jack
    IGN: Vser_
    Age: 18
    Location: West coast/ PST
    How many hours a day do you play/Activity: Typically 3-7 Hours per day
    Experience with Minecraft/FTB: In relation to Minecraft I have been playing for 5 years now, Kind of a veteran. With this time I have grown to become very knowledgeable with everything in the game. About a year and a half ago I decided I wanted more of a challenge and a different experience so I gave Feed the Beast a try. It was a whole new experience for me as for the first time in years I actually had to learn how to use all the mods and how to apply them to my gameplay. Ever since I have been hooked on modded minecraft.
    Specialty in Minecraft: When it comes to Minecraft im sort of a jack of all trades. However I do spend a lot of time ensuring my builds look appealing and unique.
    What makes you unique: Personally I really like interacting with other players, thats what I feel makes me unique as I consistently try to facilitate group activities.
    Why should we choose you: I feel I would be a great addition to the server as I too want to be part of a close knit community, to me it adds to the playability immensely.
    Interests outside of Minecraft: Im a college student that is very active, I surf, skateboard, snowboard, essentially take part in any sport in the action sports genre. I do have a very busy life, however I am also a very dedicated player and will clock massive amounts of time on the server.
    Anything else you would like to add: As far as the rules go I fully understand them and will cooperate with them as instructed.

  12. Tralion

    Tralion New Member

    Hey there! You seem like an awesome member. Could you PM me your skype or add me on skype (trevor.bollinger165) please so I can get you on the server? Thanks!
  13. CheesySmurf

    CheesySmurf New Member

    Age: 17
    IGN: CheesySmurfMC
    Would you make a good addition to this server and why: I'm new to some of these 1.7 mods, but know a good amount in general about the mods. I would like to be able to play in a friendly community where I can help and get help and share some of my fun creations with you guys.
    How often will you play: 2 hours a day on most days :)
  14. rhinestar

    rhinestar New Member

    Age: 15
    IGN: rhinestar
    Would you make a good addition to this server and why: I played alot of Dw20 1.6.4 and I want to get back into modded. Also, I can write pretty stable Mystcraft Ages if we need.
    How often will you play: idk, alot earlier on, until i feel like i've played with most mods.
  15. Tralion

    Tralion New Member

    You guys are accepted, looks like you've already added me on skype so i'll get you on the server!
  16. Stickbabiga

    Stickbabiga New Member

    Age: 20 (near 21)
    IGN: stickbabiga
    Would you make a good addition to this server and why: Love cooperative gameplay and know a lot about the mods from 1.6
    How often will you play: Usually whenever I can. I am a full time college student and have a part time job, but I can still squeeze in on average 3 hours per day.
  17. Tralion

    Tralion New Member

    Hey there you seem like a good member!! Would you mind PMing me your skype so I can add you to the group chat?

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