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Whitelist Server Intrinity/Direwolf20 1.7/1.0.2

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by shadowed420, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. shadowed420

    shadowed420 New Member

    Hello i am Shadowed420 admin on the Intrinity server owned by Tralion

    Here's a bit more info about the server- It is just Direwolf20 1.7. No plugins, no extra mods. It is using a Biomes OP world. The map is brand new, untouched

    If you need any more info, add me or tralion on skype: shadowedgoldengod or trevor.bollinger165

    Here are the requirements for joining:

    -Have a skype, we like to use a group IM
    -Be nice
    -Do not steal/grief/raid etc.
    -Be active, if you are going away for a bit please let us know in advance so we don't wonder why you disappeared!
    -Have fun :)

    Here's the application template- Send the app to me or tralion on skype- trevor.bollinger165 or shadowedgoldengod (or here if you really need to, but skype is required :)

    Would you make a good addition to this server and why:
    How often will you play:
  2. Earther

    Earther New Member

    Would you make a good addition to this server and why:Yes, because I would add a more technical influence and be able to help others create systems using various mods.
    How often will you play:Anywhere from 0-12 hours a day, possibly more.
  3. Tralion

    Tralion New Member

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