Interactive Buildcraft Pipes Tutorial Video

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Jul 29, 2019
Brand new Tutorial by malkuth1974 covering all the pipes in the Buildcraft mod.. Buildcraft is included in mod packs like Feed The Beast, and others.

This is an Interactive Tutorial.. Pick your subject or pipe you want to learn about and be taken to that part of the video.. For this to work you have to have Youtubes Annotations Enabled.

Covering all the pipes including the new Emerald Pipes introduced in Feed The Beast Direwolf 5.1.1 And Mindcrack 8.1,0

Decided to try something a little new. I like how it came out, other then a few of the spelling mistakes I made which I was pretty mad about when I noticed them.. LOL.. But a little history about this.

1. Had to render it 5 times in Vegas because for some reason I kept getting Black screens in random parts of the video.
2. The final video had 1 black screen.... But it was only about 1/2 second long.
3. Usually i'm pretty long winded.. But I think I controlled myself for the type of video I made.
4. Was not sure if the interactive part would even work when I uploaded the video. :) (didn't know if the annotations would fit that close together)

Anyway this was my first time doing this in this format.. Think I will do most my Tutorials I do like this now. :) Next one is going to be on Buildcraft gates...