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Windows .exe [Installation] Feed the Beast Launcher, Win7 x64

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Ashzification, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    *I will begin this by stating, this was completed on a newly built computer, with newly installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, using Avast Free antivirus, and no Firewalls installed.*

    The simplest way to ensure you are installing Feed the Beast correctly is to follow the steps below.

    If you have already attempted to install and play Feed the Beast:
    Please completely remove all of the files you currently have installed. (1) Open your Start Menu, in the search bar type %appdata% and go to the Roaming folder. (2) Delete your ftblauncher folder. (3) Then delete the .exe you downloaded, as well as any folders/files that have been generated as a result of your attempting to launch (these will be found where ever it is you placed the .exe, or in your Downloads folder).
    You will also need to complete the following: (1) Open your Start Menu and click on Control Panel (2) Click on Uninstall a Program, this will be found under Programs (3) Scroll down until you find Java, if you do not find Java, you're in good shape and can skip to the Installation Instructions (4) Select and uninstall every Java you have installed (5) Restart your computer, this final step is to ensure that your Java(s) have completely uninstalled properly.

    Installation Instructions: (these steps are done from the very beginning to the actual game play)
    1. Turn on your computer, open your preferred web browser.
    2. Go to Oracle's Java Download website: download site
    3. Click on Download for Java SE 7u17, you specifically want the download that is in the JRE column. You do not want the JDK download, unless you intend on using Java for developement purposes. (If you are reading this post and Java 7u17 is not the most current version of Java, please download the most current version-it will be in the same location on the page as shown in the picture below)
    4. Accept the agreement at the beginning of the page
    5. Select the " jre-7u17-windows-x64.exe " for Windows 7 x64. This will be the link second from the bottom of the list.
    6. When the download has completed, click on the .exe, and when prompted, click "Yes"
    7. Java's installer will open, when it does, click on Install
    8. Allow Java the time, and internet to install properly. This can take some time, so please be patient. When it is completed, click Close.
    9. Go to http://feed-the-beast.com/
    10. Scroll down to the Download section, or click on the Download Tab at the top of the page
    11. Click on the button that say Download .exe
    12. While it is downloading, create a New Folder on your desktop, and name it " FTB" (without the quotations)
    13. When the download is complete, take the FTB_Launcher.exe and place it in the FTB folder you just created (Note: if you are using Google Chrome, you can simply drag and drop it from the download bar at the bottom of your browser, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can do the same from the Download popup)
    14. From the FTB folder, you can now run the FTB_Launcher.exe
    15. At this time, open the FTB folder you created, and copy the file path from the top of the window (the stuff in the address bar)
    16. Now, in your Launcher, go to your Options Tab, and paste the file path in field following "Install Directory"
    You now have your launcher set up properly, the next steps are...
    1. In the bottom right corner of your launcher, there is a drop down menu, in it select "Create a Profile"
    2. When the field opens, put your Minecraft account information in the Username and Password fields, if you want you can give yourself a Profile name that differs from your Username. Note: your Minecraft account information must be associated with a Premium account (the paid accounts). You cannot use this launcher with a demo or cracked account.
    3. Save your profile
    4. Select the Modpack you wish to use
    5. Click Launch
    6. Play!
    If for any reason, your launcher does not install properly, or the modpacks do not download, please check your Antivirus program, or system firewalls. The protection software you're using could be blocking the downloads, or flagging them as hazardous. If this is the case, you will have to follow your programs instructions on how to allow a program. Many antivirus and firewall programs are set up differently, and I cannot list the instructions for every one. I use avast! free (which can be found by Googling "avast!") and this program has been very easy to work with, and it's free and provides great protection for a free program. I'm not saying this is the best, just saying it's what I use, and that I have not had any major issues with it.

    Java download:
  2. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    Also, if anyone else can provide an installation guide for other operating systems, in a similar format to what I've put together, please post it here so that all of the info is in one place :)
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