Closed IE and IC2 Copper Ore both spawn

Discussion in 'FTB Infinity Lite' started by erindalc, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. erindalc

    erindalc Popular Member

    Summary of the problem IE and IC2 Copper Ore both spawn

    Pack Version 1.0.0

    What is the bug? Both Industrialcraft 2 and Immersive Engineering have copper ore spawns

    Mod & Version IC2 and Immersive Engineering

    Link to log file -

    Is it repeatable? DL the pack, make a new world (I'm using BoP world type, not sure if that matters)

    Known Fix -
  2. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    Hotfix 1.0.1 disables IE ores from generating on their own.

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