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IC2 crops guide (very indepth)

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Lambert2191, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. thaile4ever

    thaile4ever New Member

    Yeah some of the info in this is wrong, but still a lot of good advice.

    Here a guide that I wrote for another forum. All the info is verified by the code, but due to author wish for it to remain hidden I just skim over a lot of the background workings.

    4 Environmental Factors that effect Growing Conditions:

    Humidity: This is mainly base on the water storage level of the plant, but get's a small modifier base of biome.

    Nutrients: Base mainly on the Nutrients storage level of the plant. The number of dirt blocks below the tilled block (max 3) + a small modifier base on biome.

    Air Quality: Rated on a scale of 10. 2 points for open view of the sky. 1 point for every 2 free space around the plant and 1 point for every 15 blocks above 79 to 124. Anything about 124 gets 4 points only.

    Light Level: Only applies to some plants like Redwheat that needs a light level between 5-10

    The best biomes to grow plants in are: Swamp, then Jungle and mushrooms. Deserts are the worse.


    Hydration Can: Made from extracting a coolant cell, Hydration can add to the water storage of a plant.

    Fertilizer: Made with scape and bonemeal, maxes out the nutrition storage of the crop. Using just bone meal you can increase the nutrient storage of the plant, but only up to 75%.

    Weed-Ex: Prevents weeds from growing on applied crop or plants. Overuse of weed-ex has a 20% or randomly reducing one of the plants stats. Basically applying it once to newly place crops or when a weed is seen is fine. (Not sure where he gets the flag thingy from? There's no such thing)
    As long as a crop has any Weed-Ex there is zero chance for weed to grow.

    Expansion on Environmental Conditions...

    Internally the game adds the result of the Humidity, Nutrients, Air Quality with some other factors to come up with a "Current" environmental value

    Next it take and Crop Tier and Stats to come up with a "Needed" environmental value.

    If the Current value is less then the Needed value the plant does not grow.

    If the Current value is Greater then the Needed value, then the plant gets a boost to growth base on just how much more the Present value is to the Needed.

    The system is setup so that you can start to grow any of the crops anywhere as long as you water and fertilize them, but need to optimize the environmental conditions if you want to get to high stats plants.

    Crossbreeding guide.

    Crossbreeding can occur with up to 4 plants at a time in a cross formation.
    p x p

    The more crops involved the greater the chance of crossbreeding to occur. It requires at minimum 2 crops but has a chance for up to 4 at a time. The higher the growth rate the higher the chance to be included when crossbreeding.

    When crossbreeding there's about a 90% chance of the result being one of the original plants. Then each plants add a percentile to the chance for certain crops to show up base on 5 hidden stats and the show crop attributes.

    Once the crossbreed crop has been decided the stats of all the parent plants are average out then it is increase or decrease by a random amount base on the number of parent crops.

    2 parents can give -2 to +3 stat.
    3 parents can give -3 to +4 stat.
    4 parents can give -4 to +5 stat.
  2. thaile4ever

    thaile4ever New Member

    There actually been little/ if any changes in the IC2 crop since 1.2.5. I mean, they're still using the old world height in the calculations, which was changed in 1.2.1 I think.
  3. Bagman817

    Bagman817 New Member

    The crop portion of IC2 has probably been abandoned. It always felt a bit out of place in the mod to me anyway. I imagine whenever they update IC2, they look at 'crops', then look at Forestry and Extra Bees, and say "Meh, no point in updating this, but leave it in if someone wants to fool around with it."
  4. thaile4ever

    thaile4ever New Member

    The maximum possible air points is gotten when you go above 124. You can build it higher, but there's really no point besides looks.
  5. Zbakkar_Herobrine

    Zbakkar_Herobrine New Member

    Hmmm. Crops will grow faster in a jungle, right? Is it the same with a Mini Jungle or an Extreme Jungle?
  6. CodyM2001

    CodyM2001 New Member

    Great guide! Tell me, is it worth it to use Weed-X in crop matrons or should I just remove them myself
  7. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Hi cody. This thread is more than 2 years old (and itself based on an older thread than that) so a lot of this info may be outta date. Also you're gonna get some anti-necro comments :)

    Personally I use weed-X in crop-matrons. I realize it can slow down the stat-improvement business and when I feel like really babysitting my crops I lay off the weedx for a while, but generally I use it.
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  8. CodyM2001

    CodyM2001 New Member

    Ok thank you.

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