How's modded looking nowadays?

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Jul 29, 2019
I was into Minecraft alot over a year ago, Feed the beast and their modpacks, direwolf20 in particular.

Nowadays, with ray tracing and all new stuff, whats up in modded world? They catched up to the ray tracing yet? Is it possible to play with?

What mod launcher is most popular today? What packs?


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Aug 24, 2013
Shaders have looked amazing for years now... so, no need to worry about that.

Omnia is the latest FTB pack and it's for 1.15, but it doesn't feel that developed.

The twitch launcher is still top dog for variety of packs, and ease of creating your own. The FTB launcher is new, but is still a work in progress.

Pack wise, a lot of folks are enjoying MC Eternal (what DIrewolf is playing these days on his youtube channel)

Welcome back :)
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