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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by XMrPotatoX, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. XMrPotatoX

    XMrPotatoX New Member

    Applied Energistics has Spatial Storage cells that can store blocks from a 3D space. If you happen to be standing in the system when the transportation takes place you get transported to a tiny room in a new dimension. Usually you will spawn in a room the size of the area you transported, but using ender pearls its possible to get out of this room and start a life in this vastly empty world.


    Each Spatial Storage cell counts as a different dimension, so you could have different houses in different dimensions and carry them all around with you if you wanted to.

    I'm not as creative as the rest of you out there so my uses for this are limited, I want to know if anyone can think of something cool to do with this.
    Edit: Spatial features are disabled by default in DW20 1.6.4. I'm not sure about other packs
    IMPORTANT EDIT: Don't try to will blow up in your face
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  2. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    store your things in your storage, while you're being stored in your own storage that's being stored in your storage.... storageception
  3. SkeletonPunk

    SkeletonPunk New Member

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  4. Shadow6758

    Shadow6758 New Member

    Who needs pocket dimensions if you can have this?
  5. Saice

    Saice New Member

    I would love a super simple pocket demontion mod. Something that just only makes a single (ok myabe per user) blank dimension and no other fluff.
  6. Shadow6758

    Shadow6758 New Member

    I might be able to make such a mod, maybe.

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  7. NicoAD

    NicoAD New Member

    Man, A Doctor could have only have known about this.
  8. Strikingwolf

    Strikingwolf New Member

    Good lord may actually try this
  9. hotblack desiato

    hotblack desiato New Member

    are those spatial storage dimensions accessible through mystcraft linking books?

    and how about setting up a factory inside of such a cell with an AE-network and this quantum network bridge. would that space be accessible aswell?
  10. XMrPotatoX

    XMrPotatoX New Member

    You are free to travel between these dimensions with linking books as long as they are made for that specific dimension. Each storage cell creates a different dimension so if you plan on having different storage dimensions you're going to need different books.

    I haven't messed with quantum network bridges yet so I can't tell you for sure, but as far as I can tell it should work just fine.

    Oh and most tile entities can't be sent thru, you have to place them yourself.

    Fun Fact: MFR machines can be sent thru.
  11. CreepaCatcha

    CreepaCatcha New Member

    Dimensional doors mod?
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  12. Saice

    Saice New Member

    Nope that is more then just a simple single pocket dimension. (though it is nice mod I like DimDoors)

    You see the issue with dimension making based mods is on servers the 6,234,157 dimensions created and abandoned by players causes map file save size bloat. What would be nice is something super simple. 1 dim per player with nothing in it.
  13. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    Perhaps a new extra utilities dimension called "the harsh light" that is an all white universe and is created using 8 octuple compressed cobblestones. This way it would limit the dimension to only committed and endgame players.
  14. dwappo

    dwappo New Member

    I think 4 glowstone blocks and 5 unstable ingots would sound better.
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  15. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    You have no idea how much extra cobble I have
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  16. Zenthon_127

    Zenthon_127 New Member

    Octuple Cobble isn't even hard to get with ExtraUtil's Cobble Gens.
  17. CreepaCatcha

    CreepaCatcha New Member

    And cyclic assemblers...
  18. Saice

    Saice New Member

    I actually like this idea. Just a simple single blank demotion would be prefect for what most people want to use it for. Theme wise it would work well with the deep dark. Maybe add compressed glowstone to make the portal.
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  19. CreepaCatcha

    CreepaCatcha New Member

    Let's go spam the author!
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  20. CreepaCatcha

    CreepaCatcha New Member

    So you ender pearl on top of the box right?
    Can you break it in creative?
    Also bevo broke it with a wither in one if his spotlights.[DOUBLEPOST=1392832905][/DOUBLEPOST]Triple post!

    When you flip the lever to transport yourself there, if another flips the lever again while you're in there will you come back?
    If so this could be a good prison!

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