How to install Pokemons in Minecraft 1.12.2

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Many people have doubts about how to play minecraft with pokemons, the truth is that this is able thanks to the pixelmon mod. Today I will be teaching you how to install it correctly, without the need for a server to enjoy these pokemons.

1. Firstly you will need to upgrade your Minecraft to 1.12.2, Now download and install Minecraft Forge, (you can download the forge by clicking on the red link).

2. Now let’s configure minecraft forge, open your MC Launcher, click “Launch Options” – “Add new” – In Version choose the forge, check the “JVM arguments” option, a line of text will appear containing: Xmx1G – 1G means the amount of GB of RAM you are dedicating to Minecraft, the pixelmon is a mod that requires a lot, so you have to have at least 4GB of RAM on your computer and 2GB of RAM only for Minecraft if you have 8GB on the PC put 4GB for Minecraft and so on. Your text should look like this: -Xmx2G. (As in the illustrative image)


3. Download the pixelmon mod, (red link) after downloading we have to install it in Minecraft, to do this press on the keyboard the combination of keys WINDOWS + R (without the +), will open the executable, type: ” %Appdata%\.Minecraft\mods “(without quotes) drag the pixelmon into that folder.


4. Open your Minecraft using the forge profile, inside the game create your world, and enjoy the new Pokemons that are prowling around your World.


Pokemons in Minecraft with Pixelmon Mod Screenshots