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How to extend the boundaries of the Twilight Forest magic map?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Lady Dreads, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Lady Dreads

    Lady Dreads New Member

    I'm quite puzzled about this.

    I've traveled beyond my maps edges and can't figure out how to make a new map for the new area. I have tried making a new map and opening it in my new location but I am still off the map. Does the Twilight Forest itself have borders or does it keep generating like in the overworld?

    I'm quite frazzled about this issue.

    x posted- sorry I posted it in the wrong forum
  2. drazath

    drazath New Member

    I never had any problems making new maps for new regions. Might wanna wait until you craft and activate them until you're outside the boundary of your old map?
  3. Lady Dreads

    Lady Dreads New Member

    So if I make the magic map in the overworld and take it into the Twilight Forest but not open it until I'm outside of the boundary of the old map- is that why it isn't making a new map for the new regions?
  4. Guswut

    Guswut New Member

    It is worth testing, as I have not had any issues, either, with magic maps, but I also have normally crafted them back in the overworld and then deployed them on location, which sounds identical to what you have done.

    It may be worth testing making them on location just to make sure that it is not related. Good luck!
  5. Edrosty

    Edrosty New Member

    Go further outside the boundary of the old map, and by further, I do mean further, about 200-500 blocks further, and it SHOULD work.
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