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How to create my own HQM Modpack

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by XLT_Frank, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. XLT_Frank

    XLT_Frank New Member

    I would like to start my own pack. Here is my list of what I think I need to do for development. Suggestions?

    1. Clean install for MC 1.7.10?
    2. Install mods for what I am looking for
    3. Map/world design
    4. Recipe configuration
    5. HQM materials

    The maps and world will be presented crafted. How does that work btw. I want about 5 custom BoP mystcraft worlds. Once I created them, how do I make the one the primary dimension?
  2. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    You can use PerfectSpawn to specify the spawn dimension.

    As well, Lockdown allows for you to have the same world generated each time.
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  3. XLT_Frank

    XLT_Frank New Member

    Excellent! I assuming that this is pretty much what Crash Landing would have used in their mod pack?
  4. pizzawolf14

    pizzawolf14 New Member

    MultiMC is godly when making a pack.
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  5. Maelstraz

    Maelstraz New Member

    >There< is simple guide about modpack creation and submiting.

    After that - mods, map, recipes, HQM work etc.
  6. XLT_Frank

    XLT_Frank New Member

    Oh wow! I feel much more equipped to feel falsely confident!

    Seriously, that is a great video. I am excited to get started.
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  7. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    Same here, considering that i'm wanting to make an hqm pack too.

    Also, It's a bit old but there are a few vids on the same channel going over new features; Here's a good HQM tutorial:
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  8. XLT_Frank

    XLT_Frank New Member

    You want to collaborate? I am more about the design and building the landscapes. I have the foundation of a good story in another thread and some good ideas for a progression. I am just really loathing the thought of designing the HQM and the recipes to go along with it.
  9. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    Thanks for the offer, but my ideas are really different from what you posted in your thread. Sky Block is nice on the fps, but the whole shift2live thing is getting a bit old for me. I know i'll end up needing a few people to help. I stink at landscapes and aesthetics, but i know basically what i want when it comes to the HQM and recipes stuff(even though i don't have a clue on the coding stuff).
  10. XLT_Frank

    XLT_Frank New Member

    Is it ok to keep the config directory up on github.com so that I can collaborate?
  11. Maelstraz

    Maelstraz New Member

    It is enough. You need some coding only if you want to insert your own mod. And configs' tweaking isn't coding.

    Speaking of HQM: is anybody (@Gideonseymour please come back in thread xD) know, why quest mode refuse to cooperate? It turned on in config file, but when i start new world (without edit mode) i only get the book, but quest mode is off and i need to re-enable it by cheats, which is annoying. And it keeping to turning off with each relog.
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  12. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    I meant coding as in MineTweaker and similar mods. I found some really nice tutorial pages, but it doesn't go over 1.7's new Item ids/names/whatever: http://minetweaker.powerofbytes.com/wiki

    Also on the topic of HQM, has anyone noticed that the wiki and download page for it is gone?
  13. Maelstraz

    Maelstraz New Member

    Come on, it's just a basic scripts. :3

    Also you can hack reality and use HQM as crafting engine (as it was used in "Creating Life" questline in Crash Landing). I definetely will use that idea, teehee.

    Yeah, it's tragic. If google is not lie, it was online a couple of weeks ago.
  14. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    Found HQM's Curse mod page: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/hardcore-questing-mode
  15. Liquid Klone

    Liquid Klone New Member

    i tried modifying someone's Quwst bopk so I could remove a mod. gave me a huge appreciation for the work pack creaters put in. its easy, but so frustrating.
  16. LinkOcarinaTime

    LinkOcarinaTime New Member

    Thanks for this post, I guess I woulda never found the video if it weren't for the post :p I'm working on a HQM pack myself, but I don't want to reveal what it uses as a base as I know someone else will try to do the same :) Anyways, good luck with your pack haha

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