How do you fly fast using Modular Powersuit?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Neoxon, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Neoxon

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  2. snooder

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    Check your weight. The lighter you are, the faster you move. Also remember that if you have the power tool currently selected it adds it's weight as well. Trying holding something else in your hand and see if you move faster.
  3. Headbudgie

    Headbudgie Member

    Try taking everything but the legs off, then put walk + sprint assist on full then wear a jetpack.
    Also turn your plating all the way down.
  4. Neoxon

    Neoxon Active Member

    Fly control doesn't seem very smooth, i'm just using advance jetpack with modular powersuit head/feet/pants but not torso, I decrease the weight of the battery and i was like 50kg before
  5. MachineMuse

    MachineMuse Modular Power Suits Dev FTB Mod Dev

    advanced jetpack doesn't work with MPS flight control system, it has its own builtin.

    use MPS jetpack + MPS flight control.
  6. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    I found that putting amour modules to no weight, using high end batteries set on minimum capacity (and weight) and putting glider+Jump assist+sprint assist (+ friction generator to keep power) makes you able to fly really fast across the map.

    Plus, it is something accessible for a low cost compared to jetpack and flight control.
  7. Milaha

    Milaha Active Member

    The OPs question and his follow-up info... I have no words....
  8. baw179

    baw179 Member

    My entire suit including power tool is 20 kg. Another guy on the server was bragging about how fast he could fly. We had a mini race and I flew past him like he was stood still. :D

    To answer the inevitably asked question :

    Helmet : 0 kg.
    - Special : -
    - Energy : solar generator
    - Enviro : water electro
    - Armour : energy shield on max
    - Cosmetic : -

    Torso : 10 kg.
    - Special : -
    - Armour : energy shield on max
    - Energy : elite battery on max
    - Movement : parachute, glider and jetpack on max
    - Cosmetic : -

    Legs : 10 kg.
    - Energy : Kinetic gen on max (4kg), elite battery on half size (6kg)
    - Armour : energy shield on max
    - Movement : sprint assist on max x3, swim boost set to around 300mm/s
    - Cosmetic : -

    Feet : 0 Kg
    - Armour : energy shield on max
    - Energy : -
    - Movement : shock absorber on max
    - Cosmetic : -

    Tool : 0 kg.
    - Weapon : melee assist (impact on max, carry-through on 0). Knockback just gives skeletons more chances to shoot at you so I don't use it.
    - Tool : axe & pickaxe on max, shovel on 20x.
    - Special : aqua affinity on max & diamond drill upgrade. I don't use the crafting table or blink drive because the mouse scroll wheel gets in the way when crouching. I prefer the EE minium stone for crafting anyway.
    - Energy : -

    Gives me 7.87m J total which has never run out as the solar and kinetic generators seemingly generate enough energy. The 'feel' is beautiful - feels very light and agile when flying and flies horizontally at a crazy fast speed with space and fwd pressed together. You could always increase the elite battery size in the legs to give you more storage if you require it. It will take multiple creeper explosions at point blank range without any drama too.

    I find the sprint speed is just right for making good progress around your base without being uncontrollably fast like the quantum legs are and I also toggle F in the GUI to be the jetpack so that I can switch it off when not out exploring. The reason for that is it makes it difficult jumping up 1 high blocks as it activates the jetpack - toggling it off means you can jump as normal. You could of course equip the step-assist module but personally I don't like how that feels.

    Give it a try Neoxon and see if that flying speed is fast enough for you with that set-up. ;)
  9. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    I am glad to see my video is circulating (but yikes to my S3 bill the last few months). Isamu lost the race with me and now General Galaxy won the contract. YF-21s for everyone.

    There are exactly 3 tricks to how I got that fast:
    1. Maxed out sprint assist; run then jump.
    2. Maxed out power jetboots and jetpack.
    3. A battery big enough to not die after a few seconds of use.
    3 is obvious, but most people don't get how #1 works. Note that you can even do that with an advanced jetpack from Gravisuite, although it feels a bit weirder.
  10. baw179

    baw179 Member

    Looking at the speed the waypoint marker distance is coming down that seems to be comparable to the speed of my set-up above. Do you find jetboots make any difference to the speed? I've tried it both with and without them and I'm not seeing any difference in speed? :confused: What weight is yours out of curiosity?

    ETA: Just done a quick speed test from a shoreline out over an ocean - 1000 blocks in exactly 20 seconds. :)
  11. MachineMuse

    MachineMuse Modular Power Suits Dev FTB Mod Dev

    reminder: weight is irrelevant until 25kg
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  12. baw179

    baw179 Member

    Nice! I didn't know that. By the way, is the "static generator" mentioned on your site actually called the "kinetic generator" in game, or am I going to get shouted at again for using an outdated version of the mod where the name has since changed? :oops:
  13. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    The jetboots let you actually gain height while flying forward. The peak speed is from the sprint assist.
  14. tatopolos

    tatopolos Active Member

    I have a power suit with EVERYTHING MAX.
    with the head i'm not able to fly very fast. when i remove the head, i'm literally a rocket.. don't know what happens there, but it learned to live with it: put y head back from time to time for a second to feed :) and and in dark places (night vision is awesome)

    the quantum suit is garbage compared..
  15. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    Weight. End of mystery.

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