How can you get out of mystcraft without book

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by unholywar23, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. unholywar23

    unholywar23 Active Member

    Im worried about going in there without a book is there any other way to get out of there without a book
  2. Cloud

    Cloud Member

    Jump into Star Fissures (If they don't spawn, you have to cheat)
    /tpx 0
    P.S:Star Fissures only spawn near the spawn point of the age.
  3. Zica

    Zica Active Member

    You can also spawn in a portal block. Not the obsidian, but the actual purple portal. Place that down and then go through the nether.
  4. danidas

    danidas Well-Known Member

    Their currently is 2 ways to get out of a mystcraft age with out a book other then cheating with teleport commands.

    Method one:
    Find a star fissure and jump in to it to be teleported to the spawn point in the over world. A star fissure is a bottomless ravine that normally spawns near the spawn point in mystcraft ages but is rather rare. If the world does not have a star fissure then you can either make a new descriptive book to try your luck again or go to method 2.

    Method 2:
    Create a nether portal or find a end portal to complete as both are shared between mystcraft and the over world. Allowing you to get back to the over world via them.
  5. Chre903

    Chre903 Well-Known Member

    The last time i tried, it was not possible to make a Nether Portal in a Mystcraft World.
    Cheat you in Creative Mode an spawn a Writing Desk an a Notebook. Creative Notebook have all Symbols in. Make a new World with Star fissure and Jump.
  6. Nanakisan

    Nanakisan Well-Known Member

    However star fissures as per to the stories and the game are a incredibly rare thing. if you ever read the books or played the games you would know. That a age always has a linking book. Without the linking book that you created in the master age. you are stuck there. Just like how Atrus was trapped in the dying parts of D'ni. he had to create new ages and explore them in hopes of finding a better more stable age where the D'ni survivors could live. he always had a link book.

    Which is why i always when i started checking out FTB. I always made 5-6 Linking books. I carried a few stands to and covered them from weather and placed torches down then marked with a minimap marker.
  7. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    With cheats enabled (if not enabled open the world to LAN and enable them) type /tpx 0
  8. danidas

    danidas Well-Known Member

    Or have someone bring you a linking book if your on a server.
  9. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r Popular Member

    You could install fihgu's commands and do a /spawn :D
  10. Mymiya

    Mymiya Active Member

    Dying in a mystcraft world spawns you back in the mystcraft world, not the overworld.

    Easiest way I know how to get back is to make a twilight forest portal, jump in, them jump back in after you get there and it will put u back in the Overworld, but probably pretty far away.
  11. ScottWears

    ScottWears Active Member

    the easiest way is to open a ssp game to lan with cheats activated and use /tpx [name] 0 this will tp you back to the overworld.
  12. ZeSapper

    ZeSapper Active Member

    I always use NEI in cheat mode to save an inventory with a link book home before going age hopping!
  13. othala

    othala New Member

    any solution to modify mystcraft config to get default server spawn ?
  14. Binarin

    Binarin New Member

    What happens if you jump down the void? Will you die and respawn or will it work like a star fissure?
  15. danidas

    danidas Well-Known Member

    The void will kill you as it is the void. Star fissures are very special and very rare.
  16. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    Star fissures have an end portal (the bedrock one, not the ender eye one) so it sends you back to your bed just like the end one.
  17. mos7wan7ed

    mos7wan7ed New Member

    when you enter a new age place a chest with a second link book back home. You will respawn next to the chest if you die and you can grab the book and go home.. Right?
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  18. TLOU15

    TLOU15 New Member

    Before you go mystcraft world exploring make a bunch of overworld books and put them in an (mod) enderchest make an ender bag to match it and just carry that around
  19. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Simple answer: Don't go age-surfing without a Linking Book back home. Ever. Not even then.
  20. RichieRichh23

    RichieRichh23 New Member

    Make an enderchest in ur original home/base fill it with linking books and bring enderchests with u when u go age surfing set one down in each age in case u die u can access linking books
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