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Open Server Horizons Server - 24/7, custom grief protection extension, economy, market and a lot more

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by Slind, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Slind

    Slind Well-Known Member

    Feed The Beast Horizons Server
    IP: horizons.mineyourmind.net


    New Horizons Server. We managed to get the new FTB Horizons Modpack ready for you.

    • hourly backups
    • dedicated Server with - E3-1270v3 - 8 threads CPU - 32 Gig RAM - 1 TB bandwith
    • GriefPrevention protection + custom extension
    • Be respectful
    • Speak english
    • Use common sense and no racial or sexual slurs
    • No griefing
    • No custom modifications or hacks
    • No spamming and advertising
    • Report Bugs, exploits and glitches.
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  2. Steamspiresteve

    Steamspiresteve New Member

    You can't even place water on this server unless it's inside of a plot. And we are given barely any plot space so if we want to make a farm, we are forced to put all of our valuables right in the middle of it if we want them protected.
  3. Slind

    Slind Well-Known Member

    We use griefprevention, you get +100 Blocks for each hour of ontime.
  4. Slind

    Slind Well-Known Member

    and +100 for voting now
  5. Mortamay

    Mortamay New Member

    Your site needs to be certified, if you ever want people to join.(It's "Unsafe")
  6. Slind

    Slind Well-Known Member

    Please use a modern Browser, not some outdated IE.
  7. Benjamin Passmore

    Benjamin Passmore New Member

    My in game name is Aighato, and I'd just like to say some kind words about this server. When I first joined, it was rather.. buggy.. But they did pick up their game and fix the issues, even adding in more and exciting features with their plugins! As with any new Modpack, there are bugs, but these guys have, extremely quickly, found and eliminated/fixed any troublesome items on their server. I'm just very satisfied with the server! While I've tried others, this one keeps dragging me back, and I hope that anyone reading this will have the same experience as I am!
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  8. King_S

    King_S New Member

    Hi Horizons-friends, I am playing on this server nearly from the first week when Horizons was launched. There were many lag and crash issues in the beginning, but the staff responded very fast and solved most of the problems. In my opinion it is the most stable Horizons-server out of all I have tried, although there are crashes sometimes. In addition to that I am very satisfied with the used plugins and grief-protections. The item banlist is acceptable and has (but the BedrockArmor) no influence to gameplay. On Horizons I like the Thaumcraft 4 mod with all its new features and anyway the Applied Energistics mod. All in all you have the feeling of a nice and balanced server + community. Maybe we meet one day ingame. KingSZ
  9. G1aNt_N3rD189

    G1aNt_N3rD189 New Member

    This is G1aNt_N3rD189 and to those speculating on whether or not they should join here's an accurate overview on the server. Despite unstable mods causing very rare crashes (to no fault of the server owner) the server is always up and staff members are there to help out and answer questions. We have an awesome economy that includes a working market where players can buy and sell from each other. They have removed most if not all items that could possibly be used to bypass the grief prevention and items from unstable mods that cause crashes (and would therefore be unusable anyways. Unbearable lag is uncommon despite the large amount of people who play daily. I hope this convinced you to give the server a chance, if not then its your loss.
  10. zacseow

    zacseow New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm ExcaliburMC and I have been playing on the server about 2 weeks after it was set up. I found the community helpful and everyone was helping each other. The admins were friendly and also helpful in fixing the issues that we experienced. Our community consists of players that come online every day and thus most of the people can help out in explaining any changes made to the server as well. The server has a decent size world border and there is also a farmworld that we can enter to mine without draining the overworld resources. We also can protect our items as once we enter the server we are given a starter kit to use, instead of having to start from nothing. Also, there are very little banned items on the server. They banned items are banned to prevent griefing and lag on the server. I recommend that new players to the Horizons modpack choose to play on this server as we can help out a lot. Cheers!
  11. diepie2635

    diepie2635 New Member

    hey its MadisonAngel and this server is great low lag occasional problems but they wrk fast to fix it just this morning it was really bad so they reset the world when we asked it was good responce nd after that it was working alot better its got great staff. its got another world for mining but u can go as far out as u need and as long as u dont take everything ur fine. its fair not much if any griefing . im ot familiar with the market yet but i think its good . banned items on this server are low they just banned items that woul lag the serverr alot or grief the world . andy newbs to the minecraft server world i suggest this server its great u getta starting pack its great. hope this helps you guys out enjoy horizon later :)
  12. Verywiseowl

    Verywiseowl New Member

    Hey Everyone, I'm verywiseowl and I'd like to take this time to endorse this server and the team of underdogs who maintain it. If you're thinking about joining this server I would like to weigh in on your decision. DO IT. This server is amazing! minimal griefing, negligible server and frame lag, not to mention the team of admins and mods who will answer every inquisition that you may ponder. This server is amazing it runs 24/7 and I fully support it, think it over. Cheers mates.
  13. jeviuss

    jeviuss New Member

    I've only been on this server for a little while, but I already know I like it better than those other Horizons servers. This one has no block lag, and the banned items are reasonable. I was expecting this server to have lots of banned items for stupid reasons, and I am so glad I was wrong! I know I'm going to stay here for a long time with my friend, because this place is great :D

  14. Reuben1121

    Reuben1121 New Member

    This is the first Horizons server I have played, and the only one I will ever play. It has the nicest community I have seen on any minecraft server (modded or not) and I doubt there's a better one out there. Any bugs/glitches are almost immediately dealt with, and they only ban items that cause crashes/lag. I started this server with almost no understanding of the mods in this modpack, and the members/staff have helped me with anything I didn't understand. If anyone is thinking about joining a Horizons server, I strongly suggest you at least give this server a try :D.

  15. Snoozeville

    Snoozeville New Member

    This is the 3rd Horizons mod-pack I've played on and its the best of all 3. I've played for about a week and im going to play for as long as i can. The community is great on the server, everyone is helpful and nice especially Aighato. The staff are great on this server, they help and deal with problems that are happening in the server. The server does crash a few times a day but u get use to that overtime. I love this server and the community and i will play and learn on this server

  16. jg1203

    jg1203 New Member

    Recently I found this FTB Horizons server. Since Horizons is still somewhat a new pack, I decided to try it out real quick, maybe I’ll be able to find a dupe glitch or some niche in the economy to make quick money and such. Although I didn’t find what I was looking for, the moment I got on the server I was surprised. The chat wasn’t spammed with messages and my ftb gameplay felt very smooth as I felt little to no lag/delay as I broke blocks. So, I decided to stay on the server for a bit more. I had no regrets, as I soon discovered the friendly and honest people that made up the server. I soon became friends with them, and from time to time we would share modpack information (ex. How to set up a blood altar, magical crops, etc.). I soon realized that this was the server for me and I look forward to my ftb adventures during my spare time. Who knows, this may be the server for you too as well. :p -jg1203
  17. ZombieRwkGod

    ZombieRwkGod New Member

    I've been playing mincraft for a little while now and have been on several mod packs and servers. By far this has got to be the best one admins give actual reasons for banning item due to either the mods having issues or bypassing the rules, for instance a mod had an issue recently and instead of just banning it or removing it right away they gave a notice and offered in game vendors to exchange the items for other similar items from another mod most admins say tough luck or oh well but they addressed the issue made there argument why the item were removed and gave another option. the admins are friendly and the server runs very well and is fun to play it has many mods i hadn't seen before that are fun for me. Iv'e been on other FTB servers that are "top ranked" and this one by far is much better -ZombieRwkGod
  18. _jabba_

    _jabba_ New Member

    I've been playing the different FTB Mod Packs for a while and just recently started Horizons and found this really nice server. The staff is nice and fair, and the community is very helpfull. If you have problems with a mechanic you don't know, there's almost always one to explain it to you. The downtime is fairly low, with the regulary restarts being quick and in time to get the TPS up to max again. Although the Modpack is still beta, it's running quite stable and the staff is actively working on further increasing stability by banning glitched or ineffective items and improving configuration. There are some inconveniences because of banned items, but there's always a workaround. The farming world really helps keeping the normal world beautiful and i can really recommend this server - _jabba_
  19. Slaughter300

    Slaughter300 New Member

  20. Slind

    Slind Well-Known Member

    nope it is a non pvp server.
    we are on the latest version of horizons, it is just an example picture to show you where to select the version if needed.

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