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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by giesergast, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. giesergast

    giesergast New Member

    so hi guys i used to post on these forums quite a lot but i left i just kinda got bored of minecraft but i desided to see if this has changed now so yeah hello how are you :)

    i do have a few questions cinse i left in the heat of the gregtecht discussion (when they created a thread for all gregtech related stuff) so how did that end? hows gregtech doing now? are we still using it? and what pack are most of you playing right now and uhm id i miss oter really important shit?

    greets gies

    edit: oh yeah and how's red power doing?
  2. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Welcome back....you missed a lot.
  3. giesergast

    giesergast New Member

    i had a supsision :p
  4. PhantomRage

    PhantomRage New Member

    Welcome back to the forums!

    Sadly... we had to attend a funeral for RP2. It was a sad day :(
  5. Zein Eizoku

    Zein Eizoku New Member

    I mostly play the Direwolf20 pack. I am new to the forums on here but I am not new to Minecraft, gaming, or mods haha. as for Gregtech, I do not think I have used it. RedPower2 I do not know what happened. I had a gaming hiatus for about 8 months due to work and deaths in the family. So I am at a loss for what happened to it. I do know that there is a thing called Project Red, that is similar to RP2 but it has all original code from what I have been told.
  6. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    Well, WB!
  7. Plant

    Plant New Member

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