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    New to the forums, I've been playing Minecraft for a year or so total including xbox/pc. Just recently got into FTB within the last month or so. I've been playing around on singleplayer to gather a sense of what each mod has to offer and I have to say this game got at least 100 times better with all these mods.

    I'm currently looking for a small Direwolf20 server to play with others on. Fairly new, have a lot to learn. But I play 8+ hours a day at the moment as I'm in between jobs. Looking for a helpful group of people that I can learn from and have some fun with.

    Edit: Is there a place on the forum to post about looking for servers? I only saw where people can post the servers they're promoting and looking for members for.
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    Belated: Welcome to the forums! :)
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    Welcome to the forums. :)

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