Hey! Looking for small ftb server.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bagon, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Bagon

    Bagon New Member

    Hello I'm Bagon, I used to do youtube videos @Thebagonite but i have deleted all my videos because i was not happy with them. I play on Shadycraft a normal minecraft server, annd i play on the public minez servers and mineville servers. I am also looking for a small server of about 10 people that is whitelisted to work on since i prefer not to be on very popular servers when it comes to ftb. My minecraft IGN is: Bagon and my steam ID is: [Slab] Bagon
  2. aanthony3

    aanthony3 New Member

    Welcome to the FTB Forums! Try checking out the server promotion section, you can probably fund a server you like there :D
  3. Bagon

    Bagon New Member

    I have not many are small whitelisted servers other then one i have applied for
  4. QueWhat

    QueWhat New Member

    Welcome Bagon! This is why I think having a 'looking for a server' forum is a good idea, so that folks have a place to requests specific server ads. Anyway, Bagon I'll shoot you a message with my server's info. It's a small 15 slot FTB whitelisted server. It's brand new and I'm in the process of helping my player base transfer from my Tekkit server to FTB so you won't find it in the forums just yet :D and yes it's 24/7, hosted by a Tekkit/FTB provider.
  5. Greedseed

    Greedseed New Member

    Welcome to FTB :p
  6. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    Welcome to the forums!
  7. AngelOfDeath732

    AngelOfDeath732 New Member

    Is there any FTB servers i can join, i was looking for 1 the whole day and couldnt find 1
  8. Vaupell

    Vaupell New Member

    Well the "small" whitelistet servers, rarely advertise "i know, cause i run one"
    because many of them have a regular player base and bringing in new people
    is similar to building up thrust to new people, because the whitelist alone does
    not clear people only communication and time can build that. And i know if you
    advertise, there will be some 3-10 applications pr day, which is to much for a "small" server.

    I know of several, however as mentioned they usually don't advertise on sites like this
    even though they may be running the FTB or "the other" mod-pack ;) so you really have
    to go out and search for them. "on the inter-webs"

    Otherwise larger server can also be nice if run by pleasant and sensible people ;)
  9. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

  10. QWert_1

    QWert_1 New Member

    I am also looking for a small server to play on, but im new and dont really understand all the minecraft ign stuff and could use some help
  11. the beaster

    the beaster New Member

    i also want to join a small private vinnila ftb server no plugins no cheats and i cant find one
  12. german_angel93

    german_angel93 New Member

    I am looking for a small ftb server that I could play along with my husband. Normally we play with friends, but they lose interest very fast. It seems lately that playing just the two of us has gotten boring. It would be nice to play with a few people on a server that really works together. If anyone has any suggestions that they find we may enjoy, please let me know.

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