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    Hi guys. I am 35 years old. I have a massive amount of free time on my hands due to reasons and I play minecraft and Dark Souls religiously, in my opinion the two best games ever made. Well...minecraft only qualifies when its heavily modded otherwise I would have stopped playing years ago. I love the direction certain modders have taken the game, and how aware of one another the mods are and how they interact.

    Thermal Expansion 3, thaumcraft 4 and Highlands are my favorite mods. I love how thermal expansion sees the big picture nowadays with chests, item sorting and weaponry if you include redstone arsenal-much like Thaumcraft it covers just about all of the areas except for flight. And I love highlands because it has the best looking trees and biomes of all the competitors.

    I have been teaching my mom the mods, we take turns playing a world on my big screen tv sometimes. Shes an almost 60 year old lady and knows what itemducts, tesseracts and aura nodes are. She knows how to install servos and all kinds of stuff. It gets a bit annoying having to constantly explain things, it would be interesting to play with a couple people who already know but Im hesitant to start playing on a server because A) I have no idea where to begin, and B) I am already addicted enough.
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    Welcome to the forums epidemia78! We hope you enjoy your stay here (stay forever! :) )

    And, also, good luck in finding a server. :)
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    Stay a while
    stay forever
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    Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen.
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    Get out while there's still hope!

    They'll come for you like they did me!

    And... and...

    Welcome to your always.
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    Belated: Welcome to the forums!
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