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Casual Server Help Save Veilcraft!!

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by MRHeavyMetal_SIR, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. MRHeavyMetal_SIR

    MRHeavyMetal_SIR New Member

    Veilcraft was once a server that many people enjoyed but went down due to expensive server costs and no one ever donated (this isn't a guilt trip thing i get not everyone has a tonne of money) and lets face it hosting isn't free but myself and chaseB2 are trying to resurrect the server, here is our website:http://veilcraft.get-sourced.com/

    I have been talking with chaseB2 and we are thinking of re-opening veilcraft and shoving it on an 8gb(ram) server but this would be expensive close to £70-£80 thats over $100 but if we can get:
    1.2 people paying £20 ($30) towards the costs everymonth these people will get op aswell as there own custom mystcraft age
    2.1 person paying £10 ($15) and 2 paying £5 ($8) towards the cost everymonth, person paying £10 will get admin and people paying £5 will get moderator person paying £10 will get a custom mystcraft age
    3.4 people paying £5 ($8) towards the bill every month these people will get moderator
    EDIT 04/03/2013: our host is willing to let us pay £50 but donations are key to keeping the server up and the offers made still stand if anyone is interested
    in order for us letting you do this you must have previous moderator or admin or owner experience or be a previous member of the veilcraft server.​
  2. AlanEsh

    AlanEsh New Member

    What is "moderator" ?
  3. MRHeavyMetal_SIR

    MRHeavyMetal_SIR New Member

    someone that helps maintain a sense of order on the server generally look after it abit
  4. TecGamingWorld

    TecGamingWorld New Member

    WE MUST SAVE VEILCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. MRHeavyMetal_SIR

    MRHeavyMetal_SIR New Member

    i hope we can
  6. jesusthekiller

    jesusthekiller New Member

    Hi, I can help you, but not by paying money.

    I can provide a host for you (I want co-owner tho :) ), these are the specs:
    • RAM: 3Gb ram (2x 1Gb in dual-channel and 2x 512Mb in dual-channel)+ 40Gb SWAP on dedicated disk <-- So 43Gb of RAM
    • CPU: 2 core Intel Pentium D, 3GHz each core.
    • OS: Ubuntu server 12.10, 64 bit
    • Java: 1.7.0_15, 64 bit
    And software:
    • Apache2 web server with all kinds of stuff
    • MySQL Database and PhpMyAdmin
    • Server web interface - McMyAdmin Professional Edition (legit ;)) - features tour here
    • I will install Mumble Voice Server
    • SSH and SFTP <-- Remote access to Terminal and FTP
    If you are interested, message me or reply in this post.
  7. MRHeavyMetal_SIR

    MRHeavyMetal_SIR New Member

    i appreciate it but i have a host lined up that i trust and that i know is experienced
  8. jesusthekiller

    jesusthekiller New Member

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