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Discussion in 'Wiki news [Archive]' started by Spasticon, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Spasticon

    Spasticon New Member

    I want your help finding out what information is missing from the wiki. If you have gone to the wiki to find something specific and weren't able to figure out the answer, reply here with a brief description of what you were looking for.

    Note 1: Don't tell me about content that is obviously planned but not yet complete (unless it has been incomplete for a LONG time) ... e.g.

    Note 2: I definitely want to know the odd one off or mod interaction kind of things you were looking for... e.g. "I went to figure out how to connect a RP2 pipe to a BC pipe." or "I searched for how to add optifine."

    I'm not promising that the specific goofy thing you're looking for will be added, but I want to ensure that we're adding the kinds of things that you're looking for.
  2. Ziairi

    Ziairi New Member

    How to write a Mystcraft age without instability would be a guide that I'd love to take a look at. The getting started guide touches on it, but it doesn't mention any specifics, such as avoid Dense Ores.

    A guide on how to find free item ids would be much appreciated as well.
  3. Lathanael

    Lathanael New Member

    That won't be needed, at least not for the default setups. We are planing to add a list/table whatever to the wiki where you can find all the Block and Item IDs FTB packs take so you know exactly what free and what not.
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  4. Ziairi

    Ziairi New Member

    Sweet! That sounds perfect. :)
  5. b0h

    b0h New Member

    Now an insane suggestion:
    How , in coding, interact with other mods. Such as adding support for buildcraft pipes, for RP tubes, etc.
    Is that possibile?
  6. zooqooo

    zooqooo New Member

    The front page needs lots of work, presumably it falls under "obviously planned but not yet complete" but I just wanted to share my two cents. It should be more graphical, kind of like the wikia. Notice how the first two things it gives you are graphical interfaces connecting to the mod packs. I'm not saying that you should just copy it, but replacing the existing nav bar with pictures would be a small addition that would go a long way.

    Also it would be nice for all of the mod makers to have wiki pages of there own, however short, just so that they are searchable. I remember when I first started watching the forgecraft serverplay, a comprehensive list of mod makers would have been nice.

    Lastly, the getting started guides need to be edited so that they all follow the same formatting, style and voice. Eg, they should all have a "what this mod does" section like the this one, and ones with multiple authors need to be condensed. The original authors should still be credited, as well as who ever edited it.

    I understand this is quite the list compared to what came before, but I'm willing to volunteer; I missed the first call-outs, darn.
  7. Spasticon

    Spasticon New Member

    This is all excellent formatting/organization feedback.

    Could you be more specific? Do you mean API reference information for the different mods?[DOUBLEPOST=1358787908][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Excellent formatting/organization feedback. Not exactly what this thread was for, but keep it coming.
  8. b0h

    b0h New Member

    Yeah. i'm a total noob in modding , so it would be really nice.
  9. arkangyl

    arkangyl New Member

    As useful as that may be to some of the community, that's way outside the scope of the wiki here currently. You could always try asking some of the modders on MCForum if they have any resources/pointers for you.
  10. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    I tried to find as many things i believe that need to be added (I am sorry if i take a chunk out of your weekend by submitting these), here is my list
    1. A page that mentions all the ores and what mods they are from, maybe with some shorthand notes for there uses
    2. I don't see any pages for redpower apart from my tutorial, since redpower will be added, it may be useful to add it in ready for when the pack is released. (if you need i can help with redpower information)
    3. There is also no information about Bee Breeding and Plant Breeding from IC2 (these are some of the things i want to learn now)
    4. A page with a big list of known bugs, (you could refer them to the forum post instead but making a page for this would be more convenient)
    5. A page to compare the different sources of MJ, EU and Blutricity so that one can find out what an efficient set up is for power.
    6. I have also noticed that there has been little to no inclusion of vanilla items, i dont know if these are going to be worked on but i do believe that they should be added due to their number of increased uses
    7. Armour, tool and weapon comparison page (e.g. Is thaumic armour better than diamond armour?)
    8. A page for all the recipes modified by GregTech
    9. A tutorial guide for how to start the FTB pyramid map (e.g cobble gen and philosophers stone usage)
    10. A page that discusses different ways to process ores (e.g. Macerator/Pulveriser)
    11. List of Thaumcraft Aspects and what items have them
    12. I would like to know raw materials needed for different things (e.g. How much iridium ore do you need to make before you start making your quantum armour)
    13. Finally, my last request is to make an additional tutorial page that discusses every mod in it and how they can be useful together to start off (i think maybe a discussion of whether to start off with TE or IC2 and whether to make a Quarry or a Mining Turtle)
    P.S. I also found a bug that i think you should know of; Random page is always referring me to template for some reason no matter if i leave the page or click again
  11. Jinbobo

    Jinbobo New Member

    6. Linking to the official Minecraft wiki is way simpler and accurate, and less things to maintain.
    8. Changes made by GregTech are listed on the mod page.
    13. I think that should be up to the players, if you insist on adding such a page, I think it should contain more than one starting strategy and should not go in-depth (It would ruin the fun of experimenting).

    And the random page works for me.

    Note: Statements above are entirely my own opinions and DO NOT represent the official response from the wiki team.
  12. zooqooo

    zooqooo New Member

    1. Yes
    2. Yes!
    3. YES
    4.yes yes yes
    5. ermergerd YES
    6. meh (see jinbobo)
    7. make it so!!! (seriously though, this one is the best)
    8. jinbobo, if it is planned, it isn't complete
    9.that'd be nice
    10. possibly redundant
    11. spoilers... I like it
    12. veeery redundent
    13. as jinbobo said, doesn't really need a guide, a better idea might be to do like a 'world gen guide' sort of like a crash course that includes #1 and other basics as like a universal getting started guide
  13. Spasticon

    Spasticon New Member

    Agreed. That may change in the future but for now we just need to get the basic FTB consumer information out there.
  14. Vvector

    Vvector New Member

    The changes are terribly incomplete. For example, the scaffolding recipe makes only four instead of 16.
  15. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    6. As i said, there is a lot more uses for vanilla items now, for example in Vanilla Minecraft Lapis Lazuli has two uses, for dyes and decoration. Now it can be used for land marks, advanced circuits and such. So a user would not recieve all the information about the Vanilla item in FTB
    8. I guess it is planned there, but it doesn't implicitly show the changes, instead you have to click on each link to view the information
    13. I guess you are right, maybe this could be changed to a tutorial that explains all the parts of world gen so the users know whether things are useful, especially the thaumcraft trees (could be combined with ore guides), thanks to zooqooo for that idea
    I have noticed that it will only generate a new random page if i close my browser and open but then i have to close and open the browser again to get a different page. (This happens in both Google Chrome and IE)
    idk, i actually quite like this idea, i mean, should i use a macerator, pulverise or grinder (if with GregTech), and then should i use an induction smelter or is getting the slag and sand for it just too difficult.
    This doesn't have to be a page, it just could be something added in the article, like for quarrry, you could say you need this much gold and this much diamond

    Thanks for both of your opinions though
  16. Jinbobo

    Jinbobo New Member

    Read this:
    And I don't think a scaffolding recipe exists on the wiki.

    You'll have to login to make it work properly, it's to prevent people from flipping through pages too quickly and to reduce server load. The guest user's cache lasts much longer than a logged in user's, so your browser loads the page from the browser cache when you load the same page. The same thing happened to me when I didn't have a account yet.

    PS. Account creation has been disabled at this moment.
  17. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    how about a short automation section for the machines, currently it's hidden in the usage section
  18. jatie1

    jatie1 New Member

    Alot of people don't realise that there are such thing as Ferrous Dust and Ingots. Even then, they think it's from GregTech. Ferrous Dust and Ingots are in Thermal Expansion without GregTech, and are found in the Direwolf20 pack. It has annoyed me alot.
  19. FausticSun

    FausticSun New Member

    I think we should have a page on world gen (for each modpack) explaining which mods some of the generated stuff in the world is used for.
  20. Westingham

    Westingham New Member

    "Safely removed with: X" where X is Wrench, Electric Wrench, Crowbar, etc.
    "Power requirements: X Y/t" where X is a value like 32 or 128 and Y is EU or MJ or Charge or whatever.

    I would love to see this sort of information on every applicable page, they're probably some of my most repeated searches. I would suggest they be placed in the right-hand information section along with Block ID and Block Type.
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