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(Help) Blaze Farm in the overworld

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Ghostgummy, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Ghostgummy

    Ghostgummy New Member

    As the title says i have a t5 Soulshard for blazes and i am wondering how to do a farm for them in the overworld i have a working skele and zombie t5 1
  2. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos New Member

    There are a number of solutions to choose from, but the first rule is not to use flammable blocks, and not to let them have any chance to escape.

    Apart from that, you have the good old vanilla structure with pistons to get them all to a single point, and kill them yourself, or with something a mod adds (turtle, force field, tesla blocks from IC2...).
    Turtles are good, because they also drop exp when killed by it.

    You could also use water to drive them around, but it does hurt them a bit, like it does for endermen, and I think they don't drop the rare loot when killed by water.
    But water could be used to replace the pistons, in a quite reliable way.
  3. Jord5i

    Jord5i New Member

    I have mine setup with water and a couple of transposers, 2 block heigh room, spawner in the middle with a water source on top (the only water source). It pushes them to the corners (whilst killing them) where I have my transposers set up.
  4. Larroke

    Larroke New Member

    Actually above T3 soul spawners will drop normal drops (blaze rods, ender pearls) that otherwise would not drop. They won't drop the "rare" items (such as potatos & carrots) if I read the minecraftforums post right.

    Keep in mind, blazes dying in water and endermen dying in quicksand make ALOT of noise... So keep their killing rooms remote if you have issues with how annoying they are.
  5. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    Pretty sure they do drop Blaze rods when killed by water. I don't know if they have any (valuable) rare drops, but I don't think so so you won't be missing anything except maybe XP.

    I've heard that if you want the XP you can setup up a Turtle though with a Brain-in-a-jar or something. Those things are from Computercraft and Thaumcraft (respectively), I use neither so I don't know if what I'm saying is 100% accurate, but that's what I've seen other people say.

    Have you tried making a Ghast spawner yet? Now that's ALOT of noise :D
  6. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos New Member

    Ghast spawners, really?
    You would need a T3 or more if I read the thread for the soul shards correctly.

    I can't be patient enough to farm them in such numbers, but apprently, some people do.

    Anyway, yes, brain in jar is a good way to collect the exp without the player being nearby too.
  7. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    I think technically you should have the blaze fall down 4+ blocks so they don't count against the 6 cap.

    In practice though any room 2 tall seems to do. I used four because their feet can spawn 1 above the spawner, level with it, or one below.

    I went with a 4 tall room to make big windows:


    Interior is 9x9x4. Water source block in each corner. Obsidian pipe in center that leads to a barrel and buildcraft gate that will be used to shutoff the spawner when the barrel is full.
  8. qap

    qap New Member

    ..presenting, the BlazeBuster3001(tm)
    Blazes spawn in Midair, fall out of the region of the spawn cage, so spawn cap is not reached and more blazes can spawn.
    Bottom Layer contains four water sources in the corners which kills the blaze and pushes the loot to the four obsidian pipes. From there into a Ender Chest and an attached gold AND or OR gate which turns off the spawner when the chest is full by a wireless redstone transmitter/receiver pair.

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  9. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    Well, I did it in creative mode, that didn't make it less noisy though :D I agree it isn't worth the effort in survival though.
  10. dirtybeatfreak

    dirtybeatfreak New Member

    A little unrelated but I can't wait to make my Blaze farm lol :D
  11. kapmabijap

    kapmabijap New Member

    I tried your solution but they dont drop anything if I dont hit them
  12. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    You using a tier 5 spawner?
  13. kapmabijap

    kapmabijap New Member

    oh sorry now its ok :)
  14. richrichierich

    richrichierich New Member

    If you get a soul shard with just 1 ghast kill in it and use an anvil you can get a t5 fairly easily

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