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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Tommerbob, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Tommerbob

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    I love Biomes O' Plenty. In a new world, I found myself in a snowy biome with huge Fir trees. So much wood! My question is whether its possible to grow the large 3x3 Fir trees? I've tried planting saplings in various shapes, but they always grow with a one-block trunk.

    There are other large trees as well, like large 2x2 Oak trees, that grow in other biomes. Is there any way to grow these large trees?
  2. Tommerbob

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    Bump? Anyone?
  3. Zandorum

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    I believe you have to place saplings in a 3x3 if its a 3x3 trunk to grow it. 2x2 if its a 2x2 trunk I think you get it for the rest.
  4. Tommerbob

    Tommerbob New Member

    I've tried that. I've tried 1x3x1 (X shape), 2x2, 3x3, 5x5, etc. I've tried the large Fir trees and the large Autumn Trees that grow in the Fungi Forest Biome. Nothing has worked so far.
  5. I am having the same issue and can't seem to find anything confirming or denying that you can grow these trees.
  6. CombatZAK

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    Sorry for necroposting, but in case any one else comes here looking for this, I have the answer. Biomes O Plenty source code is available to the public, and after checking it carefully, I have confirmed beyond a doubt that most saplings do not grow anything other than a 1x1 trunk. Sacred Oak and Redwood Saplings are exceptions, but Willow and Fir saplings specifically only grow as 1x1.

    Worse, it does not appear to be possible (or at least easy) to create an addon mod that could alter this behavior. Vanilla saplings fire an event on the TERRAIN_GEN bus when they are about to grow - for these saplings, it is possible to handle that event, cancel the normal tree growth, and inject your own code for creating a tree. However, though the BOP sapling class (BlockBOPSapling) inherits from the vanilla sapling class, the overridden method which performs tree growth does not fire the event.

    Working with a clone of the BOP GitHub repository, I modified the BlockBOPSapling class to support growing large Fir trees specifically. Doing so was surprisingly easy. The sapling growth method is a simple switch statement that checks the metadata of the sapling being grown and uses the same generator classes for creating the trees as are used during world generation. The deficiency is that only the metadata value is checked for a sapling and not its arrangement in the world. I added a few methods the class that check to see if neighboring blocks are also fir saplings, and if they are, the class uses the "big" fir tree generator instead of the small one with a 5-block "+" shaped trunk.

    Unfortunately Biomes O Plenty is licensed as Creative Commons ND (no derivatives), meaning modified or derivative source code cannot be distributed, so I will not post the modifications here without Glitchfiend's permission. I am, however, considering opening a feature request with them.

    TL;DR - You can't make many/most of the BOP saplings grow into 2x2 or bigger tree trunks.
  7. CombatZAK

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    Okay this is my last post here I promise*

    The above comment applies only to Biomes O Plenty for Minecraft 1.7.10. I have no idea what happens in 1.8 or above.

    I made a mod that doesn't actually use the Biomes O Plenty code (so it doesn't violate their license), but uses ASM to modify it at runtime to make it possible to plant and grow big Fir trees. It only affects fir saplings specifically, and you have to plant five of them in a '+' pattern on the ground. If you do, the middle one will grow into a big tree when it grows. Other saplings in the + will not grow independently. I also put in logic so that 1 in 10 normal saplings will grow into the taller versions of Fir trees that appear in the Coniferous Forest biome.

    You can get the mod here:

  8. Darchitect

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    Just wanted to say thank you for doing this. Those trees are gorgeous and it always annoyed me that you couldn't grow them. Two thumbs up!

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