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Open Server GPOK Servers | MindCrack v8.0.1 | BukkitForge | PvP/Raiding Allowed | Open | 36+ slots

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Waarlod, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. yoyojonas

    yoyojonas New Member

    And yeah its my IP cause its my server where people can fly using that command (And i wont put it on google , im not a derp) .
    k See you then
  2. Robet24

    Robet24 New Member

    Bumping this thread! Highly recommend this server! Especially if you love teamwork or just pvp in general.

    People are constantly getting raided so theres never 1 group or person that is WAY ahead.

    Come on in and join us if you're up for the challenge!
  3. Cannibalfridge

    Cannibalfridge New Member

    Please help, my modpack crashes when i get to 200 when i put in the server ip, it is extremely frustrating and it doesn't do this when i put in any other servers ip address.
  4. Waarlod

    Waarlod New Member

    Moved to new server! Come check it out.
  5. Waarlod

    Waarlod New Member

    I am not sure what is going on here. Can you try and describe your problem in greater detail?
  6. Jake Anderson

    Jake Anderson New Member

    Is there a reason that when I join the server it says I am missing mods? I'm using the MindCrack modpack.
  7. Waarlod

    Waarlod New Member

    On the launcher choose 7 instead of default. I need to upgrade the server to v8 when I get home tonight.
  8. Azarias59

    Azarias59 New Member

    Does this server cities?
  9. Waarlod

    Waarlod New Member

  10. Jake Anderson

    Jake Anderson New Member

    Is the server up? Says it can't reach server.
  11. Waarlod

    Waarlod New Member

    Yea... sorry about that. It should be up now.
  12. Jake Anderson

    Jake Anderson New Member

    Server down again?
  13. Waarlod

    Waarlod New Member

    Server is not dead! We are in a transitional period right now as we have a new server online and are just waiting for a critical voxel update before we all move there. Please check out our subreddit for more info.
  14. Waarlod

    Waarlod New Member

    The season II start date has been moved up to tonight at 20:00. Get on right away and get a headstart on the competition!!
  15. Robet24

    Robet24 New Member

    Looking for a pvp server and great competition. Come on in! Starting up in 3 hrs and looking for others to experience the fun!
  16. Waarlod

    Waarlod New Member

    We moved the world back to our old server host. The creeperhost server was running like shit.
  17. Robet24

    Robet24 New Member

    Just an update to everyone! We just had to do one last (I hope) map reset due to particular chunks not saving, which in conclusion resulted in admins having to spawn lost items and it just became a pita to do especially on this type of server. Never know when someone is lying.

    The map reset was done Feb 11th at around 8:30pm. So the server is still very fresh and as of right now, the dragon isn't even dead.

    I want to invite all to come on over to the server. Bring your close allies and conquer (or fall) together in this world where no one gives a shit!

    Anyone who is wanting to join, please read the rules in game and on the first post of this thread. See you all there![DOUBLEPOST=1360698767][/DOUBLEPOST]Also just a friendly reminder... We are currently cracking down hard on hackers. So please no hacking.
  18. mightymice24

    mightymice24 New Member

    Server is working great. Map is less than a week old. This is the perfect time to come join.
  19. BrickedKeyboard

    BrickedKeyboard New Member

    Fun stuff. server works well. Be nice if more folks were online, though.

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