Open Server Goreacraft | Ultimate 1.1.2 | 24/7 | Teamspeak | Towny | PvP

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Jul 29, 2019

Join Goreacraft's Ultimate server!
For additional details, check out out website

Server IP-
Teamspeak IP-


1. Love Potatoes / hate carrots :D
2. Don't cheat, play fair.(Traps, Combat Logging, cheating, bypassing protection, duping etc)
3. PVP Allowed in wilderness or pvp enabled areas only.
4. Do not steal from or grief towny protected areas.
5. Avoid using foul language and racism in general chat, there are young gamers playing as well.
6. Do not complain about banned items or mods.
7. Don't advertise other servers in public chat.
8. Asking for ranks or/and items is punishable!
9. Do not build close to the spawn.
10. Do not intentionally undermine the economy.​

Disabled Mods:
    • Equivalent Exchange 3
    • Soul Shards
    • Gravity Gun
You can view the banned items list in-game using /banneditems

Useful Information

When you join goreacraft ultimate, you will be re-directed to a hub where you can join the modpack you are playing, load up another modpack to play on another goreacraft server, or join the minigames world to relax and play some games!
Goreacraft features it's own custom plugins
GoreaRestrict - Prevents players not in a town from accessing modded items like ME systems and barrels
GoreaUtilities - offers a slew of useful commands for admins and players. This includes a random teleport command!
Other Plugins that Goreacraft offers

And More!

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