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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Meetal_Leeka, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Just a quick post to say hello. I have been playing Minecraft since 1.4.5, and the Direwolf20 modpack since 1.4.7. After a break of some time, I came back to 1.12, and am once again truly hooked on this game and the plethora of wonderful mods created, tested, and compiled for us by many dedicated individuals. For this I thank you all.

    My last world, after a few updates, was severely buggy, but have started anew, this time focusing on AE2 and Ender IO, neither of which I have played with before. It was all Thermal and Refined Storage in my last world, and before that Buildcraft and IC2 for transporting and processing, although there are plenty of other mods being used as well.

    I'm currently loving AE2, Ender IO, Pam's Harvestcraft, and Blood Magic, having lots of fun autocrafting everything from grass to ore processing. Thaumcraft will be started on this world eventually, as I was quite advanced on the previous one, and it was much fun. That damn rift opening on top of my Infusion crafting setup, though! :eek::D

    EDIT: mudpack to modpack, lol.
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    *waves* Hello! Sounds awesome - glad you're enjoying what's about!
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    Welcome to the forums! Autocrafting is indeed a fun thing to set up. The new thaumcraft is still in beta, so be aware of that. It does have its issues.
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    Hi GamerwithnoGame. I've been enjoying FTB for years. The team never fail to deliver a wonderful experience. :D

    Hi LordPINE. Thank you. Autocrafting can be quite the challenge for the more non-conventional items, and time-consuming, but it's why I like it. Yes, I am aware that Thaumcraft is still in beta. That's half the fun at the moment, lol. I was quite attached to my flux rift. I'd even named it Rifty McRiftface. ;)
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    NICE :D

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