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Open Server German FTB Ultimate | Ultimate v1.0.1 | 16+ | 35 Slots | Hawkeye | Grief Prevention

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by heddesheimer, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. heddesheimer

    heddesheimer New Member

    Server: era5.net:25565​
    difficulty: Normal​
    Teamspeak: era5.net:9999​
    Location: Köln/Cologne - Germany​

    Server is protected by Grief Prevention and Hawkeye! Main language is German.

    All Mods are enabled, but with a few changes:
    • ChickenChunks
      • Chunks per Loader: 40
      • Chunks per Player: 150
    • Thermal Expansion
      • Pulverizer require diamonds
      • Energy Tesseract: Increase power teleport to 200mj per Tick
    • IC2
      • enableSteamReactor=true
    • Railcraft
      • Chunkloading is disabled. Use ChickenChunks
    • Build Craft
      • Filler destroy blocks instead of breaking them
    • Redpower
      • Cavas Bag is disabled
    • Mystcraft
      • descriptive books are disabled
    1. Griefing => perm. Ban
    2. Beleidigungen / insults => kick or perm. Ban
    3. Rassismus / racism => perm. Ban
    4. Cheats, Hacks oder transp. Texturepacks => perm. Ban
    5. frag einen Admin nach Adminrechten, items oder Tag/Nacht wechsel / ask admins to spawn items, change weather/daytime or grant OP => temp. Ban
    6. Sei freundlich / be friendly => PVP is on
  2. Freddy

    Freddy New Member

    Wieso ist die whitelist aktiviert?
    Würde gerne joinen: Eselpinguin
  3. heddesheimer

    heddesheimer New Member

    hatte die whitelist nur über den Befehl deaktiviert und vergessen sie auch in den properties zu deaktivieren. Habs eben behoben, nun ist und bleibt sie auch aus.

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