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Whitelist Server FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE Direwolf20 1.7.10 Server

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by AAAvlar, Apr 14, 2015.


So the idea is being thrown around of switching this server to a Skyfactory 2 server! Thoughts?

Poll closed May 24, 2015.
  1. sweeet

    5 vote(s)
  2. Well it's been fun, later

    4 vote(s)
  3. Agrarian Skies 2!

    2 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. slinker

    slinker New Member

    Name: Henry
    IGN: ggusta20
    Years playin Minecraft: Since 1.8 BETA
    Years playing modded: never play vanilla minecraft
    Youtuber or streamer: Nope
    Skype: slinker0
  2. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

    Sorry mate, apps closed
    Check back later
  3. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

  4. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

    Ok... So one more update after all.
    This coming from the server host.
  5. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

    one more thing!!! XP Update
  6. michiel

    michiel New Member

    Name: Michiel Wouter Kloosterman
    IGN: MW1000
    Age: 19
    Years playin Minecraft: somewhere around 5-6 i think
    Years playing modded: almost 3 years
    Mod of choice: atm i don`t realy got one
    Youtuber or streamer: no, why does everyone ask this on the forum XD
    Twitter or Steam or Skype: steam yes i do have steam and skype just ask me and i can alwas add you
  7. keima

    keima Guest

    Name: Jesus Salas
    IGN: keima
    Years playing minecraft: since 1.3.2
    Years playing minecraft modded: 1.3.2
    Youtuber: N/A
    Twitter, Skype, steam: N/A :oops::oops::oops:
  8. DahoboKing

    DahoboKing Guest

    I know you just said:

    I'm a few days late!!!!! dang it! I'll post mine anyways.
    Name: Seth (if you want my last name ill tell you... its really long)
    IGN: DaHoboKing
    Age: 17 (almost 18!)
    Years playin Minecraft: 3-4?
    Years playing modded: 2? (I'm not sure exactly, i mean i don't have an anniversary on my calendar) xD
    Youtuber or streamer: youtube is "seth Bogoniewski" (i said that last name!!!! now plz pronounce it) Twitch is DaHoboKing
    Twitter/Steam/Skype: I don;'t use my twitter, my steam is "DaHoboKing" and my skype is "that one guy.... with the face!"
    also I would like to add that i have TS3, and am okay with using that. (i also have a server that nobody goes on so.....)
    Also my youtube won't have videos on it for a while because OBS videos can't be edited without losing sound, and yotube hates obs videos. sooooo
  9. mcrocksohiostate

    mcrocksohiostate New Member

    Years playin Minecraft: since beta
    Years playing modded: since direwolf20 1.3
    Mod of choice:ae
    Youtuber or streamer:none
    Twitter or Steam or Skype:
    (Required [if you don't wanna display the info message it to me])
  10. ivoryfire

    ivoryfire New Member

    Years playin Minecraft: 5
    Years playing modded:5
    Mod of choice:AE2
    Youtuber or streamer:starting youtube
    Twitter or Steam or Skype: n/a

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