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Whitelist Server FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE Direwolf20 1.7.10 Server

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by AAAvlar, Apr 14, 2015.


So the idea is being thrown around of switching this server to a Skyfactory 2 server! Thoughts?

Poll closed May 24, 2015.
  1. sweeet

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  2. Well it's been fun, later

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  3. Agrarian Skies 2!

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  1. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

    My name is Al (AKA Grimm_Book), and I have just started my first server.
    Whitelisted, and looking for very trustworthy people.

    Running 1.4.1 version of Direwolf20 1.7.10 pack
    End, Nether, Deep Dark portals at spawn.
    {Please grab a link book}
    To insure minimal lag issues and any unforeseen crashes:
    Backups every 7 hours
    Restarts every 5 hours

    No mystcraft age making
    No world hole upgrade to ender quarry
    No BC Quarry
    No using BC Quarry as chunkloader
    No BC pumps in the nether, Ender-thermic pump only
    No griefing
    No stealing
    No killing without permission
    General rule: don't be a d-bag​

    Chunkloaders will be provided as needed
    {Maximum Level 3 on chunkloaders}
    No chunkloaders in the DEEP DARK

    16+ years of age please

    Only adding a handful for now so please fill application below if interested.

    Years playin Minecraft:
    Years playing modded:
    Mod of choice:
    Youtuber or streamer:
    Twitter or Steam or Skype:
    (Required [if you don't wanna display the info message it to me])

    Can also send this to me at
    Twitter: @Grimm_Book & @FullSpectrumDom
    Steam: Grimm_Book
    And Skype: aaavlar1

    ALSO CHECK @FullSpectrumDom on Twitter for periodic updates or to report bugs.
    Please report any bugs or lag issues here or on Twitter.

    *Update 5/7/15*
    Gotta close applications for now.
    So many new members!

    *UPDATE 5/8/15*
    Server is now on version 1.3.1

    *UPDATE 5/11/15*
    "/sethome" command broken with new update. Plugin needs to update before it can be reinstated.
    Suggest use of Myscraft Linking books

    *UPDATE 5/13/15*
    Applications OPEN again!
    I can take another 2

    *UPDATE 5/14/15*
    The End and Nether will be reset.
    See me or KimY23 to get back your enderthermic pumps
    and MISC. items

    *UPDATE 5/15/15*
    -Applications closed AGAIN! :D

    -Nexus portal opened. Please placebooks to your bases here.
    Can also be used as hub between dimensions.
    - Will be resetting the Deep Dark, see me or KimY23 for your items
    -Unfortunately do to some unforeseen bug, Twilight Forest is hereby removed.
    (If you had a bird morph see me about a bat)

    *UPDATE 5/16/15*
    Poll open to decide the fate of FSD server

    *UPDATE 5/22/15*
    Poll closes 5/23/15
    Looks like Skyfactory 2 is the clear winner so far
    AgSkies 2, I apologize was a mistake to add to the poll list
    It is not available on Mac so it is not up for consideration
    The SKYFACTORY 2 server will be up soon on a different host

    The Direwolf20 server will remain open until July 7th 2015
    After that a world download will be available
    Thank you for all you for the experience
    My first server, hope it was fun for you

    *UPDATE 5/25/15*
    Ok, one more update from the server host

    *UPDATE 5/29/15*
    OK ONE MORE UPDATE, up to version 1.4.1 now

    Sever will be offline for about six hours tomorrow starting at around 10:00AM EDT
    For upgrade to host

    New RAIDCALL voice server! "FSDMCRH" Thanks to @I6I_Ghost_I9I!

    Last edited: May 29, 2015
  2. Zcid95

    Zcid95 New Member

    Name: Zach
    IGN: Zcid95
    Age: 19
    Years playing Minecraft: 5
    Years playing modded: 1
    Youtuber or streamer: nope
  3. CGasper

    CGasper New Member

    Name: Gabriel
    IGN: CGasper
    Age: 18
    Years playin Minecraft: 4~ stoping time to time when it gets boring :D
    Years playing modded: 2~
    Youtuber or streamer: Nope
  4. iSenne

    iSenne New Member

    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
  5. Daniel Powell

    Daniel Powell New Member

    Name: Daniel
    IGN: Daveey_Moon
    Age: 22
    Years playin Minecraft: 5
    Years playing modded: 1
    Youtuber or streamer: neither
    I have skype
  6. Ascedes

    Ascedes New Member

    Name: Rango
    IGN: Ascedes
    Age: 28
    Years playin Minecraft: 3
    Years playing modded: 3
    Youtuber or streamer: No
    Twitter/steam/Skype: Steam and usually use TS3
  7. michiel

    michiel New Member

    Name: Michiel
    IGN: MW1000
    Age: 19
    Years playin Minecraft: no idea a long time
    Years playing modded: no idea a long time started this account somewhere in 2013
    Youtuber or streamer: nope
    skype: yes
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2015
  8. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    Name: Jeff
    IGN: shadowquinn74
    Age: 40 (yea I am old I know)
    Years playin Minecraft: 2
    Years playing modded: 2
    Youtuber or streamer: Been wanting to do a Let's Play but need the right people.
    (if so link it up!)

    (Adding this too for my own piece of mind)
    Twitter/steam/Skype: I have em but will not post info here.
  9. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

    Whoa! So sorry everyone! I was under the impression the thread was closed!
    I'm replying straight away
  10. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

    Ok, messaged everyone!
    Thanks again
  11. opt_user

    opt_user New Member

    Name: salo
    IGN: opt_user
    Age: 26
    Years playin Minecraft: 4
    Years playing modded: 3
    Youtuber or streamer: dont have
    (if so link it up!)
  12. Mondiatee

    Mondiatee New Member

    Name: Jack

    IGN: Mondiatee
    Age: 45
    Years playin Minecraft: 3
    Years playing modded: 3
    Youtuber or streamer: nope
  13. SSM121

    SSM121 New Member

    Name: Spencer
    IGN: SSM121
    Age: 17
    Years playing Minecraft: 5
    Years playing modded: 3
    Youtuber or streamer: Not currently
    Steam: SSM121
    Skype: Spencer SSM121
    Last edited: May 4, 2015
  14. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

    Don't forget the Twitter, steam, or Skype info
  15. SSM121

    SSM121 New Member

    didn't see that. updated my aplication
  16. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

  17. kavsmdf

    kavsmdf New Member

    Name: Damien
    IGN: kavsmdf
    Age: 29
    Years playin Minecraft: Since Alpha
    Years playing modded: 1, have not played for a while now
    Youtuber or streamer: Nope, maybe soon :)
    Twitter/Steam/Skype: kavsmdf on steam
  18. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

    So sorry if anyone tried to get into the server yesterday. It was down, unfortunately, all day.
    The host has since resolved it's mistake and it is up.
  19. Exdefire

    Exdefire New Member

    Name: Carl
    IGN: Akalyptes
    Age: 17
    Years playin Minecraft: 6
    Years playing modded: 5
    Youtuber or streamer: N/A
    Twitter/Steam/Skype: Twitter: Exdefire / Steam: Akalyptes / Skype: [Will send via inbox]
  20. AAAvlar

    AAAvlar New Member

    Got so many new people!

    Gotta close applications for now

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